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The storm pretty much rearranged Propsect's course. I walked it today and I'd say it'll be some time before it's playable.

Hole 2 is totally caved in and somehow the basket escaped any damage. Trees fell all around it, but it's still standing. Same with hole 6. Can barely even see the basket but it's still there in fine condition.

Hole 3 lost a bunch of high branches and hole 4 is now wide open.

Holes 5 & 7 look OK, but hole 8 looks like it was bombed. A few huge trees are totally uprooted including one that fell into the corner of the pavillion.

Holes 9-13 look OK, but a bunch of branches have come down. Those flight lines will probably be opened up significantly.

Holes 14-16 will play decidedly different now. More huge trees are down along with several branches. The big tree guarding the basket on 15 snapped off at the base. Looks very surreal. 17 looks untouched, but 18 lost many branches and it's the only basket that suffered any damage: it's bent almost all the way to the ground.

It's very disturbing to see all the damage. I know the park is way down on the list priorities for the City right now so it's going to be a while before anyone can play here. I'd sacrifice the rest of the season at Prospect if they could get my neighborhoods power restored.
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