found another disc

found another disc

Postby therealJT » Fri Jun 08, 2007 10:34 pm

i found an orange shark the name on it is Drew. i'll probably call tomorrow, i found it couple weeks ago and forgot i had found it.
if you are on here and see the post message me on here or i will try and call you tomorrow though i will be in norwalk all day for the grand opening

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Postby irban » Sun Jun 22, 2008 11:52 pm

Thanks to the guy who called me about my pro wraith. Nice to have someone try to return lost discs. I told him to keep it, as I have numerous pro wraiths.

Now, if someone finds my pink proline gremlin down there, I will drive down to get it, and buy you a six or whatever.

Thanks again!
~~~- ¥
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