New Pin on 17

New Pin on 17

Postby Jim C » Sat Sep 29, 2007 8:55 am

Well we got another pin for 17 along with 2 placements. Both gonna be tough
2's, it's across the road probably close to 350' or 330' right now its in the longer of the two.

Its supposed to be a practice basket.

Too bad we didn't have it in last weekend. :cry:
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What practice basket???

Postby Jace O » Mon Apr 21, 2008 5:57 pm

It's pretty sad Newton has a practice basket now but most people do not know. It does little good when no one is ever going to use it for what it was meant for. The park head Denny doesn't want to put it where people will use it because it will leave a ring around the basket in the grass. Basket #3 will still be the place most will practice on and look how bad that has gotten. A big ring of dirt/mud. Come on Denny really!!!
Other than needing more trash cans they need to also put some blank poles in the empty pin placements so they stop running them over with the lawn mower.
It also seems to me If the people who pick up all the beer cans were not there it would look like crap all the time. THANKS FOR HELPING PICK UP EVERYONE! To all the others who just think the park is a trash can, what are you going to do when the city stops allowing alcohol in the park because of the abuse. If your from Newton you know the police will love to sit out there and bust people.
Newton still has one of the best disc golf courses around. I just hope a few of the issues can be resolved.
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Postby Jim C » Wed Apr 23, 2008 1:32 pm

I didn't know that was the reason they put it over there, I thought it was because I told kyle what a sweet shot that would be one time. I agree we need it over by Hole 1's tee or near pin 3.

The blank poles idea is a very good one, I'll mention that to Kyle, I was auctually gonna ask them to use flags when they move the pins next time, but I'm sure they would get ripped out.

And the trash issue man its outta hand, we could use some strategically placed trash cans for sure. But the real problem is all the new golfers, last Sunday I bet there was close to 30-40 players on the course at the same time. We were discussing the can problem, and I don't think trash cans will solve it due to the "can man". I say this because when I started playing he was there and we did the same thing. Instead of carrying them to the next trash can we just left them on the ground so he could find them easy. I don't think a can last more then a hour or 2 on the ground before he makes his sweep through. People know this and will just leave them so he isnt rummaging trough the trash cans(which he does anyway).
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