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Postby kinch » Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:30 am

Deerwood is getting mowed today by the city of Evansdale. I also met with a city rep. at the park to discuss more work to be done this fall. He agreed to level out / fill in some irregular areas to allow for easier mowing in the future. Today they also had a man weed wacking (nice). I will be marking with paint and lath more stumps to be removed over the next few weeks (when they get a chance). They also agreed to bring out a chipper for brush later this fall. When the time comes he will give me the heads up, so we can haul cut brush out in the open to be chipped. They will leave piles there to be distributed in areas as needed,

Concrete tees are planned for this fall at the short locations. The city will dig up the old asphalt. A few short tee locations may be moved. # 6 & #14 are on the list. Please have patience and faith with these changes.

The garbage issue is much better this year. Thanks to all who help out keeping the course clean. We have more cans this year. Also thanks to Tejay and his crew for the work they did this year after the flood. The wood chips look great. It sounds like they will be out doing more on Sunday this week. Please keep it around baskets and tee pads until we get more grade work done.
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Re: Deerwood

Postby LOOTOWNDISKR » Fri Aug 30, 2013 3:44 pm

Thanks for the Info, I just seen TJ collecting money for his fundraiser tournament this afternoon, that course is really starting to come around. The effort that everyone has done is really showing. The UNI disc golf club is helping on Sunday to spread whatever mulch is left. If you can think of any other stuff to do let us know. Also anyway you can cut that tree of 8s long pad to the left please. I know its a large tree but it really prohibits a lefty from extending into the shot. Either way thanks for the heads up!!
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Re: Deerwood

Postby Tejay01 » Sat Aug 31, 2013 1:44 pm

Awsome....the only ares I can think of that needs leveled is # 2 fareway,the hole on #3 fareway and #13 fareway from the pro pad. Larry the can man brought me four cans last year for garbage and he does an great job at picking up the trash and cans. Im gonna see if we can get some more. I cant think of anywhere else to move #6 &14s pad; I think there good were there at. I would like to see some alternate pin locations though....great work Mike!
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