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Re: GBO 2013

Postby The Donator » Mon Apr 15, 2013 3:41 pm

irban wrote:804.03 Interference

804.04- F for the "if you had marked your disc" comment from Tyler.

I found it by looking at the FAQ. You're right it is tough to find....

QA 44: Another Player Touched My Possibly OB Disc
Q:My throw landed next to an OB creek. It's hard to tell whether the disc is in the creek or not since the edge of the creek comes up into some mud and grass. Another player went up to my disc and pushed it down to see if there's water underneath. Is my disc now automatically in-bounds because another player touched it?

A:No. Note that the interference and position rules are written in terms of a disc being moved rather than merely touched. The other player did not change the location of your disc. In fact, a disc must sometimes be manipulated in order to determine whose it is. If you move your possibly OB disc, it is automatically OB. But there is no corresponding rule that makes it in-bounds if someone else moves it. If that happens, you restore your disc to its approximate position. Applicable Rules: 804.04 Out-of-Bounds; 804.03 Interference.

I cant remember the absolute specific ruling (i dont want to misquote anything) but Cass can if he gets on here in a bit. I think it was basically that i could have DQ'ed the guy and i could have played from my "original" lie, or where he found the Ape. Correct me if im wrong Cass.
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Re: GBO 2013

Postby irban » Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:17 pm

From this rule, it looks like he would have been accessed a 2 stroke penalty, and you would get a rethrow. Or maybe "the option of a rethrow, means you can either rethrow or place it approximately where it landed?

A player who intentionally interferes with another player's disc in any of the following ways shall receive two penalty throws:

Altering the course of a thrown disc (other than to prevent injury); or,

Moving a thrown disc or mini marker disc (other than in the process of identification, retrieval, or marking); or,

Obscuring a thrown disc or mini marker disc.

A player whose thrown disc was intentionally interfered with by another player as described in 804.03.D.1 has the option of a re-throw.
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Re: GBO 2013

Postby Clue » Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:14 pm

I'm actually surprised by the rule. I'm 99% sure it used to read that if someone other than the thrower moves a disc that is arguably OB then it's considered IB, and vice versa which is covered still. With the absence of that rule, if you really thought there was reasonable doubt then I'd call it in.

No matter what the call is you *always* have the right to get a 2nd opinion from the TD and/or official. Never let your group strong arm you into a call. Stand aside if necessary. Provisionals are tough on a judgement call ruling, however there was a scenario for one here. I don't believe you could've used a provisional in determining whether you were in or out, however you could've playing out an interference scenario where you determine the disc as either out or interfered with. I'd assume if it's in there's no reason to play out the interference scenario.

I might have to email the pdga on this one. I don't like the omission of the previous rule.
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