thoughts on this course

thoughts on this course

Postby IHearChains » Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:29 pm

This course is a nice balance for Wildcat Bluff. A lot of open park-like land with scattered big trees, and slight elevation change. Quite a few holes in the 370-400 length range which might be straightforward birdies for those with enough power. A lot of areas had no grass growing yet, as of mid-April, but mud was no problem at all. Soil looks kind of sandy so it seems the moisture drains pretty well. When the high grass comes in, the amount of mowing that is done to define the fairways will be a big factor in how challenging it plays. I've read that burr oak savannah ecosystems are a vanishing part of Iowa's natural history, so it is very cool that the owner seems really motivated to share this nice piece of land with disc golfers and others who are interested in the biology of the site.
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