warm up round at ewing

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warm up round at ewing

Postby shane » Sat Aug 11, 2012 9:13 pm

now that i got your attention ewing needs some work done. after talking to dave today he said he could pull out 5 truck loads of sticks. we got a tourney our last singles out there this coming weelend and dave needs help. this guy shows up and works his ass of any and every time we(the club) needs him. well he needs help now. if youre not doing anything but getting a round in tomorrow why dont you get off your lazy azzes and get out and give the guy a hand at ewing. take some pride in your local courses and pitch in. whats an hour or two really gonna hurt you tomorrow. 10 guys 2 hrs= 20 hrs or dave 20 hrs = 20 hrs
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Postby Beerman » Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:13 pm

For all those helping out, I plan on being out there by 1030AM, I will be somewhere on the front 9 holes as that's were all of the downed branches and sticks are. Come out and lend a hand for a little while if you got the time.

Albert, I got some widow makers that need to come down can you bring your climbing gear (too early?) . I'm gonna need to see that doctors note if you want out of course work. In all seriousness, hope your feeling better and get well soon.
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