Camden II - Work Log

Camden II - Work Log

Postby Sprague » Wed Jul 21, 2010 6:39 am

Here's a quick recap of last years progress at Camden II.


1-7 Loppers around 13 tee / Loppers below the pin on 14 green

1-10 Fire on Hole 8 (downed oak) Loppers on thorny mess with Shawn Rodriguez

1-24 Fire on Hole 8 (downed oak) more of the same with loppers

1-31 More work on hole 8 thorns / lopper walk on 1/2/ and 3

2-2 Lopper walk along 17 fairwy

2-8 Lopper walk Hole 2 right and long of green / loppers in whale bunker

2-14 Fire at Hole 3 green

2-15 backfilled fire on hole 3 green

3-7 Fire at hole 3 green / Lopper walk 17 landing and 2nd fairway

3-14 Chris and Shawn Lopper walk along Hole 6 Cpin fairway right side along fallen oak / fire on hole 8

3-20 back filled fire on Hole 8 cleaned 2nd half of 8 fairway

3-23 back filled fire on 17 / cleaned Hole 17 left side with fire
Fire on hole 10
3-25 back filled fire on hole 10 storm damage

3-28 (3) Fires on 17 Hand saw right side of first half fairway

3-29 Layed logs along top of 8c pin to divert water runoff / cleaned steps on hole 8 / redirected creek channel down middle to prevent erosion

3-30 Cleared dam on hole 10 / broke up dams on hole 18

3-31 cut path to practice baskets from hole 9 green

4-2 burn pile on 6 tee / burned and cut debris behind 6 tee

4-6 broke up more dams on 18's creek

4-7 cleared pipe on 16 to allow creek to drain (preventing quicksand) broke up dams on 18

4-10 worked on 18 creek again

4-14 fire on hole 8 / back filled fires after work

4-15 more burning on hole 8 / lopper walked thorns

4-16 back filled fires on hole 8 / lopper walk hole 3

4-17 loppers on 13 tee again / broke dam up on hole 12

4-18 broke up dam on hole 1 / w/ shawn and his friend john cleaned 5 green
the dams have been causing major erosion causing back ups and quicksand

4-19 broke up dams on hole 4 last half of fairway / fire across creek

4-21 broke up dam on 10 downstream /

4-22 continued work on dam downstream on 10

4-23 checked out dam and broke it up some more (need saw)

4-27 Hole 4/8 Tee area – fire (Cass Cupp showed up)

4-28 Cleared debris and cleaned 10 dam some more.

5-1 Chris, John, and Shaun – fire on hole 7 midway and green. 2hrs

5-4 Cleared debris from ravine near 4 pin and midway down. 2hrs

5-7 Cleared debris from ravine at the 4/7 bridge. 1hr

5-7 Walked course with John Resche and Chuck Kennedy.

5-8 Cleared out dam near the 6 pin (drained 1 ft of quicksand) 2hrs

5-10 Evan and Chris – Chainsaw Hole 10 – fire on B pin (Kirk and Kendra came out to help)

5-11 Burned pile on hole 2 green

5-12 Cleaned debris out of creek hole 1

5-13 Cleaned debris out of creek hole 18

5-18 Cleaned debris in creek on hole 6

5-25 Mike the Ax/ Keppy/ Evan worked on Stairs and cleared storm damage on hole 6.

6-1 Cleared debris and limbs out of creek on hole 4.

6-2 Hand Whipped hole 2 green

6-3 Built stairs on hole 9 (Resche and ?) Strung OB lines.
6-4 hand whip hole 17

6-5 Hand whipped and raked mulch on tee 6. Raked hole 1 green. Jason Spillman / Chris ran mulch to hole 1 teepad.

6-6 Carried gravel to the front of bridge and stairs on hole 9 (traction).

6-8 weed whip hole 18 across ravine.

6-9 Cleared debris out of ravine on hole 10

6-15 Cleared hole 4 dam near bridge on 4/7 - storm damage – removed debris.
6-22 Built up erosion control above hole 10 green. Opened up dam flow on 1.
6-25 Hole 10 Cleaned and weed whipped path

6-29 Hole 10 fire and removed debris from creek.

7-1 Weed whipped the both steps out of ravine on hole 1.

7-3 Cleared dam – now completely accessible and easy to keep flowing.

7-6 Cleaned green for 8B.

7-7 Cleaned hole 8 above ravine – help with lost discs.

7-8 Cleared debris from between 18 and 10 bridges

7-9 Hand whipped + lopper walk hole 8, 17. *(hole 8 right side early/middle)(17 right side middle)

7-13 Burned and cleaned new pin for hole 8

7-15 Thorough clean of hole 1 green.

7-? Evan and Ron tied up bent tree on hole 1

8-3 Path from 17 to 18 bridge – flattened with shovel and added logs below path.

8-10 Chris/Evan/Ron/Jimbo/Dale – post hole digger and chainsaw to create terrace on hole 8c green.

8-16 Creek ball races – created track.

8-17 Kirk Ramirez/Shaun Rodriguez/ Chris Sprague Hole 17 cut up storm damage on middle left. Cleaned right side of the last half. (First workday with new chainsaw)

8-18 Creek ball races ($60 for Womens Nationals raised)

8-20 Cut tree on 13 tee (left handed players were almost hitting their hands on it)

8-21 Cut up storm damage in the landing on hole 4, opened the hyzer line to the pin (4b). Cut trees and debris in the creek. Cleaned up storm damage near 4a. Cut trees on 4c green. Cut up storm damage on 4/7 bridge.

8-24 Cut and cleared the hole 15 green (eye pokers and broken osage)

8-26 Chainsaw to storm damage in creek below 16/6. Cleared debris from drainage tube.

8-27 Cut tree near hole 4 bridge. Removed debris from ravine. Cleared more debris from hole 6 creek. Water is flowing better, quicksand is disappearing (getting easier to maintain)

8-28 Loppers and hand whip hole 6 early/middle left. Hole 5 middle left

8-30 Brad Ellis, Dustin Avery, Shaun Rodriguez poured the 3A pin. Zach White ran weed eater on hole 10 and path between 9-10. Chris and Dale w/ loppers and Chainsaw (storm damage) handwhip hole 17 middle/long right side. (Fire on 17)

8-31 Chris, Zach, Shaun, Budda Ben – Chainsaw, handwhip, loppers. Storm damage on hole 17 long right. 2 Fires. Chainsaw to storm damage between 17 & 8. Dale was out during the day – backfilled fires from 8-30.

9-1 Cleaned hole 11 early left w/ handwhip. Backfilled fires from 8-31. Cleared broken tree behind 11 tee near 17 fairway. Raked mulch behind 11 tee.

9-2 Chris long lunch - Chainsaw to dam on hole 10. Shovel to clear out debris (water flowing and channel accessible now) Cut downed trees between 3/8 fairways midway – cleaned 3A green. Evan/Mike the Ax/Chase/John Resche cleaned up hole 6A green and rough behind fallen oak. (I was unaware of the worknight – did not make it)

9-3 Chainsaw on hole 3 / 17 fairways (downed trees)

9-4 Removed debris from creek on 18.

9-5 Transplanted cedar tree from home – hole 3/8

9-9 hole 4 hand whip early left/right fire on hole 4 green.

9-14 Brad/ Greg/ Chris – burned piles on hole 7, cut paths into the rough on hole 5 middle L/R. Dealt w Bees nest in the middle of 3 fairway. Chase / Greg / Brad piled up debris for fire.

9-15 Greg and I knocked down 3A weeds and brush – created green.

9-16 Cut tree near 4/7 bridge (giant oak that fell during storm). Started cleaning hole 16 green – prepping for terrace.

9-17 cut broken tree in hole 8 fairway (palm tree) Players in town for womens wondered why we didn’t finish cleaning it – so I cut it down to a 5ft stump. Village of Milan sprayed weed killer on course.

9-18 Raked greens – hole 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

9-19 Finished raking greens hole 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.

10-12 Fires on 11 & 8

10-19 Cleaned storm damage, arranged logs to allow entry into ravine on hole 4 tee side. Planted another cedar tree between 11 and 17 fairways (if it grows will create a barrier to protect 11 tee from drives on 17).

10-25 Limb above hole 7 pin fell while Kathy and I were playing on hole 6(!) It must have weight 300-500lbs!

11-16 Hole 4 – made a big push to clean more debris from mid/long ravine near green. Boulder to heavy to move (needs to come out or it will continue to cause backups and quicksand. Found a place to use Ron Razzes rope (going up to hole 5 from 4)

11-22 Chainsaw materials from fallen debris to make stairs up to hole 5 from 4. 10 Stairs built.

11-27 9am-5pm Mo and I – Built terrace on hole 4 (where 2 mature trees fell and landslide happened – blessing) Built stairs up the tee side of the fairway directly across from the terrace. Chad Eng / Tracy Lopez / Kathy Betcher-Sprague played CII – Chad’s first time (Chad worked on the original CII project)

11-28 Evan/Chris cut the hole 12B/C pin fairway 10am-1pm

11-30 Built bench on hole 1 tee

12-01 Built 1st terrace on hole 16

12-03 Started to build stairs on hole 16, added another terrace.

12-4 Built more stairs on hole 16

12-5 Added arched landscaping to the hole 16 green. Built more stairs. 10am – 5pm

12-6 Finished the stairs on hole 16 (finished for now) 9am – 4pm.

12-16 Cut path for hole 13 short tee (alternate tee during sledding season)


4-15-2010 Picked up trash at lunch. After work I laid dead trees in mud above dam on hole 1 to create a walk path.

4-16 Picked up trash at lunch.

4-17 Cleaned up the dam on hole 1 – prepping for chainsaw work (keeping this clear for daily flow will prevent quicksand build up after heavy rains) Plan is to leave dams intact except for a channel for normal daily flow – during flash floods debris will catch at the dams and then after the water level drops will continue to flow normal – if needed we can remove debris after flash floods since the channel will be easily accessible. Cleaned the little ravine on the tee side of 1 by the bridge. Moved logs to form stairs – needs more work, but main ravine is accessible now thru this wash out area. Picked up trash.

4-18 Chainsaw to the dam by the ladder on 18. Cut small dead tree hanging across the creek. Removed debris from ravine. Moved the giant stump out of main creek channel. Water started cutting thru quicksand build up right away – this should help stop quicksand from forming.

4-19 First Monday Workday of 2010 - Chainsaw to dam below the bridge on 10A – redirected flow of creek to go thru quicksand (this area needs more work and is a common area for quicksand – once the debris is cleared and the creek takes over it’s natural channel – the quicksand should be eliminated) Placed logs along mud below the bridge – called the Village about the wobbly stairs again, sounds like they are aware of it – should be fixed pretty soon.

4-27 Started stairs up the 8 side of 18 ravine (near stairs). Cut the tree top that lays across the ravine (used material to build stairs). Used sledge and natural stakes to anchor logs.

4-28 Finished stairs. Used upright logs on steeper slope in the middle (if this doesn’t work I can try a larger log and anchor it with stakes) 6 steps. Cut broken tree between new steps and bridge (turn deer trail into work path). (plan to bury logs above 18 ravine to slow water) (logs buried above 8c green are working).

5-3 Lunch Evaluated creek after torrential rains. Dam above 1 slightly plugged but accessible (little more chainsaw work needed to expose channel)

After work: Cleared debris from torrential rains – water started flowing great. Hole 4 (fallen oak) cut limbs and debris. Built level trail using a tree that was cut and still attached to it’s stump (been there for a couple years) The tree was long and relatively heavy – staked it in 4 places used 6 stakes total (2 above) Shoveled the path flat – backfilled the log.

5-4 Lunch: Evaluated creek at hole 10 (stairs are in terrible shape - still not heard back from the Village of Milan about repairing it).
After work: Chainsaw to hole 8 fairway near 8c (creek side) Cut fallen dead trees. I positioned debris parallel to the creek to slow the flow of water runoff (if we continue to move fallen trees from perpendicular to parallel it should help with erosion during the spring melt off). Chainsaw to the dam on hole 1 – help gain easier access to the daily channel after torrential rains. (Flow in this dam has improved during normal daily conditions)

5-5 Lunch: Evaluate hole 4 creek near the pin. Springs coming out of the hill have caused some landslides across from the pin – not sure if we can do anything to prevent this sort of erosion. Picked up trash piles at the 3 and 6 tee boxes (need to talk to the Village about 1 can per hole).
After work: Cut tunnels through the dead and fallen Osage (hedge) trees on hole 1 tee side/right early (this should help create manageable trails for searching for lost discs). Pulled down huge broken limb hanging by a vine – prev. storm damage / brought down by recent storm.

5-9 Finished chainsaw work on fallen limb and trees on hole 1 fairway tee side. Removed more debris from the dam on hole 1 (water is flowing better everyday). Stairs on 1 out of ravine pin side are falling and need repaired. Walked the creek down – broke up dam at hole 10 – this dam needs more chainsaw work to expose the daily flow channel (it catches debris well during flooding – but gets clogged easily causing quicksand to form). Below the bridge on 10 – the quicksand 75ft down has been cut by the daily flow 18inches down since the chainsaw work on 4-19-10 – buried debris here causes some damming to occur - so additional work will be needed to help drain the remaining sediment.
Pulled debris (from 11-28-09) out of creek on 12 to stop the quicksand from forming. Cleared debris from the tube under the sledding hill. Broke up mini dams along hole 13 creek (need a small bridge across someday).

5-10 Lunch: Evaluated creek after heavy weekend rains. Cleared some minor debris tube on hole 16. (rained hard over weekend) Creek is flowing clean and quick – only minor sand buildups. Hole 1 creek flowing great, hole 10 is flowing good, hole 16 tube is clear - needs more cleaning of dam on 6/16, hole 7 below is flowing good – needs some attention, hole 4 is flowing good – needs pry bar and chainsaw near boulder and under/around bridge needs chainsaw and shovel.

5-11 Lunch: moved boulder out of flow near ladder on 18.

5-13 Lunch: moved limbs and debris off the hole 6 mid-fairway so the Village of Milan could mow. (Evan cut this debris up in March?)

5-17 Monday Work Night: Built new stairs into ravine on hole 1 (tee side). More chainsaw work to storm damage on hole 1 near ravine. A landslide created a pond 100ft up stream – a large oak fell across the ravine and landslides occurred on both sides. The water is about 3ft deep and is about 6ft x 100ft. I dug the ‘spillway’ out a little to help the flow, but it doesn’t look like the water is going anywhere for awhile – Mo loves it.

5-19 Walked the course with John Resche, Paul Roesner, and Brad Ellis to get a plan for the Rumble. We’re going to try and hit it hard with Mowers, Weed Whips, and a little chainsaw work. Some major repairs will be the stairs on 10 and some minor repairs on the stairs for 8 and 9. Some hanging vines in the canopy and small trees that are encroaching on the fairway on 7 need work, but the fairways are in great shape. Logs need moved out of fairways, stumps need flagged, and attached vines need cut to allow mowing in a few areas – hopefully players that are shooting rounds will throw logs off as they are encountered.
In areas that have blind landings, we need to lower the undergrowth with a brush hog or weed whips. In the rough that’s visible from the tee or not as heavily trafficked we need to create paths (as opposed to brush hogging the entire area)

5-22 John Resche, Bill and Paul Roesner, Ron Ras, Evan Qualls, Jamie (Fatboss), Mike Heaton, Gean, Caleb Holmquist, Chris Sprague, Mike Freistad, and Dave Arango.
Hole 10 – Rebuilt the stairs going up to the pin. Fatboss and Mr Bill rotated the stairs 45 degrees, Paul, Caleb, and I helped pound in the new supports. Caleb brought his tiller to help bury logs above the pin to divert water from the stairs. We buried some 3 long and heavy trees – staggered and overlapping.
Hole 17 to 18 – Work cleaning and repairing the landing before the bridge was headed up by Ron Ras, Dave Arango, Fatboss, and Paul. A cobble landing was built from creek rock and Paul brought some concrete chunks over using the Rhino. Need a buried log a few feet before the bridge to divert water and help prevent erosion (this needs done on all stairs and bridges.
Holes 1,3,8,4,5,6,7,9,10,11 received some weed whip/brush hog action – Ron, Resche, Mike Heaton Dave Arango, Gene, and Caleb knocked down paths with weed whips while Evan widened greens and fairways using the brush hog. This is not an official report – still waiting for feedback on what was accomplished.
After walking the course on 5-23, it appears we still need to hit hole 17 on the left early and hole 4 on the right (tee side) – Paths mostly. The stairs on 17 to 18 need finished with logs and stakes. Hopefully the Village of Milan can mow this week or next to give it a finished look – crossing fingers!

Here's the follow up for the end of May through the beginning of August.

5-24 Finished the cobble on the 17 to 18 path from stairs to bridge. Secured blocks and cobbles using wood and stone stakes (stone stakes - used wood block and sledge to drive into ground) Staked in heavy logs to finish natural steps down to wooden stairs. Structured stones to allow water to flow off the path and away from the bridge.

6-3 Major storms came through and plugged the drain pipe completely under sledding hill - quicksand formed and water washed up over onto sledding hill - once the pipe was clear water started flowing and the quicksand washed out. Creek was in bad shape after the storms.

6-7 Cut more debris and removed from the creek - cleared channel at the dam above 1 to allow the daily flow, but left log jam intact to catch debris during torrential rains.

6-14 Cleaned creek on hole 4. Erosion near new steps into creek midway needs attention. Broke up dams between midway and green 4B. Boulder needs removed (it's causing water to divert up onto the ravine banks causing erosion.

6-21 Hole 1 creek is flowing excellent after recent rains (important to keep tube clear near sledding hill) - very little quick sand build up (compared to last year) Cut the debris up under the 6c pin to allow daily flow.

6-28 cut storm damage from hole 7 path from tee to bridge. Limb that fell knocked over a few small trees. Another huge limb is hanging over the tee pad and path from hole 6 (we should consider taking it down before it falls - it's leaning on other trees) Cut the old debris behind the pad and made a bench. Tried my hand at carving, cut CII into the log behind pad.

7-5 Cut log hanging over the small ravine on the right side of hole 1. Used material to add a terrace to the tee side steps into ravine.

7-12 Buried water bar above the steps into the ravine on 1 pin side. Cleaned hole 8c green area. added some water bars to divert and slow velocity of water. (checked back after rain - working well).

7-13 Ran the 1st Creek Ball race of 2010. Winner Chad Hein - $30 raised toward CII supplies.

7-19 Hand whipped nettles across creek from 18 fairway. Hand whipped hole 4 tee side right near fallen oak (found 6 discs)

7-20 Ran 2nd Creek Ball Race - winner Jeff Noel of Evergreen Disc Sports in Sparta, WI - $30 raised. Posted flyer for Monday Worknights.

7-21 Took chainsaw to RJ to sharpen $7.00

7-22 (took time off CII to walk Credit Island w/ Mike Robinson)

7-23 Evaluated 18B (new pin) (joined the club for the Devils Glenn work night)

7-26 Cut long logs for terrace on path (hole 4 tee side) Dale called and joined me after seeing flyer. He helped me move some larger logs and total we added 3 trees to the path and staked them down. Forgot shovel so we cut a log into a shovel and used it to level the path (needs finished with a shovel) Dale suggested a fire (been awhile) so we burned the debris from the giant oak that fell. Thanks Dale!

7-27 Lunch: Cut the stump off the hole 13 tee (Cedar Rapids guys suggested it - one of them ran into it and cut himself! - sorry)

7-29 Lunch: Cut the dead tree hanging over 9a.

8-2 3hrs Marking new pins for the the club workday on 8-7/8-2010. 20 new pins slated to be added! Big Ryan showed up (traded lesson for workday - turned out to be a great trade for both of us) We created 'Ant trails' into the rough on hole 17 early left - used chainsaw to create trails while Ryan followed behind with hand whip.

8-6 Cut log above 18b to create a terrace for green on 18b.

more to come, with pictures!

this weekend we are adding 20 new pins!!!!
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Postby Sniper26 » Wed Jul 21, 2010 7:09 am

Thats it?
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Postby Budhyzer 17696 » Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:25 am

That was a quick recap Chris??? :lol:

Keep up the great work guys!
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Postby Sprague » Fri Aug 06, 2010 5:10 pm

added to first post...
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Postby Sprague » Sat Aug 07, 2010 5:47 pm

8-7 Ron, Caleb, and myself hauled the 2 man post hole digger around the course (19 holes were dug). Tomorrow were expecting 10 or more people to get the sleeves poured and set. Anyone interested in coming out...bring milk jugs or 5 gallon buckets - we need hands at the very least to get all the equipment and supplies out. It's very important that we accomplish setting all 19 pins!

Hope to see a good turnout tomorrow.
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Postby Sniper26 » Sat Aug 07, 2010 9:08 pm

8-7-10, Paul and Boze spent the last 4 hours borrowing a truck, loading up the small trailer in the bed of the truck, hooking up the other trailer to the truck, fixing the trailer lights, loading up borrowed supplies from dad, going to Auto Zone buying $10 adapter, driving to northwest Davenport to borrow a 4-wheeler from dads friend, stopping to put $30 worth of gas in truck and 4-wheeler and finally getting home and backing the trailer in the drive.

See you all in the morning.
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Postby Sprague » Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:24 am

8-7 Almost forgot...Ryan Nicely showed up to play and I gave him a hard time about paying his green fees and told to be on hole 13 in 10 minutes...he stepped up to the plate and helped run the post hole digger and carry it around, helping us finish the last 3 pins!! And despite his pleas about being a computer guy, he manned up on the auger! Way to go Bobby!

Great work Paul and Boze, it's those behind the scenes details that are often overlooked, but should never be our volunteers! - they often put their lives on hold to make our little world a better place!

Also want to thank Ryan and Danielle>spelling? She plays in Jess's Women's League and they are both new to the sport (Ryan helped on Devils Glenn) They have great energy for the cause and they tried to make it out today, but were unable to find us in time. They did say they were looking forward to helping tomorrow!
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Postby IHearChains » Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:47 am

I enjoyed trying out some of the new pin positions yesterday! Thanks Chris, and everybody else Chris listed above, for all the work on the course. Looking forward to trying 12 long, a.k.a. the Axehole. :twisted: :D
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Postby Sprague » Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:16 pm

8-7 Caleb, Ron, Chris dug 19 holes with the 2man auger – carried by hand (no Rhyno or 4 wheeler)

8-8 Ron, Caleb, Paul, Chris, John, Mike the Ax, Gene, Dave, FB, Chase, Nicely, Jordan, Pat, Shaun, Kirk, Ryan, Danielle and son, Heaton. Paul hauled supplies around to holes. We divided into small groups and were able to get all the pins poured and leveled pretty quick. Mike the Ax, Resch, Chris carried some of the concrete on our backs down and up hole 1 (WTF were we thinking).

Ron, Paul, Caleb, Gene, Ryan, Danielle, John stayed to work on hole 4 green.

Cut stumps on hole 1 and 2.

8-16 I adopted hole 18 plus all holes not adopted - Started terrace on 18B – staked in 5 logs. Dan, Chris, David . Cleaned green with handwhip and had a small fire.

Paul, Brad, Caleb, David moved most holes to the shorter pins for league.

8-23 Carried gravel down to the 18B terrace – tamped it down with logs. Staked in another log tier and added 2 steps (hedge logs w/ hedge stakes)

8-26 lunch: built check dams in the creek channels to re-sediment the clay bottom with rocks and sand.

8-30 Added 2 more steps to the hole 18 terrace and staked a log in on the hillside fairway to create a trail up above. Cut dead tree over ravine for materials. David, Ryan, Jimbo, Gene, Jeff helped out.

9-1 Heavy rain last night…Checked the terrace for proper drainage (good) and made sure the check dams held up to the increased creek volume (good – sediment is starting to collect in the clay channels).

9-4 Nick Snelling drove his 4wheeler on some of the paths to help establish trails in the rough.

9-6 (I was not there) Gene cut the fallen tree over the hole 4 bridge (thanks for taking the initiative Gene!!)

9-13 Camden I…Nick Snelling and David cleaned debris out of the creek on 6/7 lowering the water level around the fairway making it easier/safer to locate and retrieve discs.

9-13 Camden II…Gene Mattecheck ran his weedeater on holes 10 and 2 during the day…Gene has asked to adopt hole 10 and 2. We discussed projects for these holes and I’ll be spraying debris and small trees to remove (mostly those that are growing right under mature oaks and hole 10B fairway trees).

9-14 Built a water bar above the hole 10 stairs tee side (2 large logs staked in to divert water - this should delay the erosion problems we had on the stairs pin side). Gene showed up (coincidently) and pole sawed the several limbs that stuck out in the fairway. I cut a small tree out of one of the hedge trees because it's limbs were sticking out in the fairway. We also took down another small tree that was blocking the fairway.

9-15 Chainsaw walk on hole 1 pin side right - cut old storm damage, debris, and small thorn trees. Also moved a log and rerouted a path away from the edge of the ravine.

9-? Mike the Ax built and installed a bench no hole 15 tee. (He fabricated brackets out of scrap metal and bolted landscape timbers together)

9-27 Cut stumps out of the fairway on hole 8. Finished creating the path down to the bridge on the hole 4 tee side (to the left). Chainsaw/handwhip.

9-28 Created a path from the hole 4a pin to hole 5 using an existing game trail. (chainsaw/handwhip) Stumped and cleared the hole 4a green.

9-29 Cut path from 5a to 6 tee (chainsaw/handwhip)

9-30 Cut debris below 6a - reopened a previously created path from 6a to 7 tee (it runs above the 7 tee - the old path was straight down hill and is slick in the rain and would eventually start to gully out - the new trail is at a sustainable grade according to trail building standards)

10-1 Fun day (doing things that some would consider "don't need to be done" but these are things I do to avoid getting burned out... moved rocks in the creek to create waterfalls and to help sediment bare spots on the clay - also shoveled rocks onto the clay so it's not slick in a few places.

10-4 "Crosshair" tree on hole 3 fell - cut the tree into sections and moved what I could off the fairway.

10-5 Shaun Rodriguez called and asked where fires were needed. I suggested holes 3 and 4. Fires were burned on the 3 fairway (midway right) and in the oak strm dmg on hole 4 tee side left. Thanks SR!

10-11 Gene and I walked holes 2,3,7, and 8 painting stumps and debris that needs chainsaw work...established some plans for adding new additions the stairs on 8 and 9 and Gene took my chainsaw home to get it tuned up - huge thanks GENE!

10-12 created a grade dip on the path tee side hole 1 on the way to the bridge (grade dips are the most efficient way to divert water off a path that is showing signs of erosion or to prevent future erosion)

10-13 Added 10 steps to Hole 9 stairs. Gene purchased rebar and drilled/cut landscaping timbers! donated by Jeff Clark! Thanks guys!

10-14 Gene fixed and returned my chainsaw (it's running like new again!)
Hole 3 cleaned up stumps and logs near the green to allow for better mowing by the Village of Milan. I visited with a couple of Village workers that I used to work with and they had nothing but positive remarks about the progress and how little trash they had to deal with (this is in large part to fellow Camdenites getting on board with the Keep Our Course Clean initiative (just means spreading the word to rec players that love the course and encouraging them to pick up any trash we may have missed or just use the trash cans)

10-15 Picked up two chainsaws from Jerry Miller...Jerry heard that I was fundraising for chainsaw and said "you can just use mine, I don't use them very often" So I now have a 18in Stihl Pro and a 20" Husqvarna in addition to my 12" Stihl! THIS IS HUGE! Thank you Jerry!

Hope to run an all Camden Event in the future utilizing 2 versions of CII on Saturday and a safari layout with tee times using CI/CII on Sunday (this layout would likely fall between par 64-70) Just a thought - we'll see.

Camden II moving forward one step at a time - with occasional leaps and bounds!
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Postby Sprague » Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:49 am

Here's the final update for 2010! Great push at the end to bring to life the new pins! Thanks Gene, Jerry, Frank, Snelling, Shaun, and Kathy & Sam!

10-18 Boulder in Hole 4 creek - Cleared debris to allow creek to flow. Rocked boulder enough to allow water and pebbles under it. I was able to move it about 4 inches. Try to use the come-along next time.

Gene built a ladder today. I’m going to move it into position at lunch tomorrow.

10-19 Jerry Miller was out with his metal blade weedwhip today at lunch. Gene was also out today, so we both moved the ladder (Hole 4). Jerry whipped 2, 3, 7, and 4.

Jerry and Gene got the keys and moved the baskets 10a to 10b, 16a to 16c, 17a to 17b, 2b to 2a, 8a to 8b, and 5a to 5b.

10-20 Gene staked down the ladder on hole 4.

10-21 Hand whipped 3c right side and green.

10-24 Gene placed corrugated plastic tube around the little oak on Hole 2a to protect it. Big Frank cleared path up to parking lot from hole 18b.

10-25 Added 12 steps going up the path Big Frank cleared from 18b. Bought stakes to test (much quicker but not as durable as osage) Gene is going to cut 4x4 posts into steps for Hole 1.

10-27 Finished stairs on Hole 1 going down to bridge (9 steps added) Gene was out today making steps for the hole 10 bridge, I cut stakes out of osage and secured the steps he cut. Carried 3 massive logs over to the creek terrace on hole 18. Staked the bottom log in place.

10-28 Finished backfilling Log from 10-27 workday. Staked in 2 more logs creating steps up to terrace and out of ravine on the hole 8 side. Added gravel for traction on the steps. Created a little waterfall in the creek (check dam) .

10-29 chainsaw 4c green – cleared thorns (LOOKS GREAT!)

11-1 Moved baskets w/ Gene (Camden Triples)

11-2 Gene cut tree on 13b green weed whipped and cleared the green.

11-3 Cut 11c and 8b, cleared green on 7b (thorns and storm damage)

11-7 8am cut dead tree out of 12b fairway. Use materials for stairs at a later date.

11-9 Transplanted some burning bush to 8/3 to create more separation.

11-17 Built retaining wall for 13 tee

11-22 Built steps on hole 10 above stairs.

11-23 added more steps on Hole 10, created alternate path down to help erosion.

11-26 Gene cut, cleared, and managed fires on holes 2/3/8

11-28 Gene backfilled fires from 11-26 (I’m guessing he put in around 12hours)

11-29 Walked hole 3/8 (looks amazing!)

12-11 Cut route from 12 to 17 fairway for fun (all thorns and briar) Icy rain Me and Mo.

End of the Season – See you in the Spring (unless we get some winter fires going!)

Look forward to seeing how far we can take the course in 2011...I see lots of flowers, foxtail, cattails, terraces, steps, grapevines, signs, and handrails on the horizon! Not to mention some great golf holes!
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Postby blkwizardsonny » Sun Feb 13, 2011 1:13 am

giggity giggity goo
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Postby tufluk » Thu Jan 05, 2012 7:49 am

Will be cutting and burning below hole 8 all day. Anyone is welcome to join in the fun!
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Postby tufluk » Fri Jan 06, 2012 6:24 am

1-5 First work day of 2012. No 2012 work log on yet. Will use this to record until log ready.

1-5 Mike W. and Gene got 3 fires going on the west side of 8's fairway. Cleared brush and logs. Began lining creek bank w/ logs. Had a controlled burn on hill, eliminating leaf cover. Seeded bare ground. Mike "the axe" came and started 4th fire in old brushpile. Caleb stopped by during his round and helped a bit. "Old Man" Mike came by and helped "the axe" roll a big stump down into the fire. 57 degree January day.
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Postby tufluk » Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:30 pm

1-6 Mike W. and Gene backfilled 3 fires. Restarted another and lit a 5th. Cut and burned near 17's stairs. Staged a few more logs along creek edge. Jerry came and did a super job of cutting up a fallen walnut tree and clearing a section of downed oak near 1's bridge. Brad Ellis improved our temporary bridge on 9 and did stair repair work on 18.
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Postby strokersix » Sun Jan 08, 2012 4:24 pm

Worked on shoring up 7tee today. I don't have trouble running off the tee but I've seen others. This will provide room to step off the front of the tee and hopefully slow erosion under the pad.

Needs more pins (6-8 inch dia, 3ft long, buried vertically so the top is flush with tee surface) each side of the osage log and more fill. In the meantime watch your step.
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