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Postby papparoc » Thu Jan 26, 2012 12:48 pm

I'm lovin the resume's I didn't know Chris was the 06 points champ. He is my all time favorite player and seeing his resume on here gives me the ammo I need when that all time favorite player question comes up.
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Postby Chase20460 » Tue Feb 07, 2012 2:43 pm


Adam Olsen - TEAM LEADER
Mike Robinson
Chris Sprague
Ben Cannon
Jeremy Mount
Mark Steddom
Corey James


Pro Level Play
25 + PDGA Events
At least one Major Played
Pro Attitude at All Times
Be involved/ disc golf promotion
Be Available
Be Iron Lion

Its pretty simple. Your in this position because your dedication level is higher. You have earned this with your play and conduct in the disc golf community. For some its overdue, for some its premature...or is it? I guess we will find out! We plan to log onto these guys this year and watch them alot closer, so expect to hear some noise!

What we ask is 25 or more PDGA events, and a trip to a Major somewhere to prove you can play outside of your town. We ask you display a Pro attitude and to be available to people requesting your services.
We ask you to represent the Iron Lion brand as much as possible. Thats what your here for. If you dont like it- dont take on the responsiblity.

For the next season, these are the very least of goals that you will have to hit to continue on this level. The curve keeps being set higher and higher.

>> Adam Olsen will be the Team Leader for the National Team. There really wasnt much for me to think about, though anyone on the Team could fit the bill. Adam has been with us since day one. He approached Us about wearing stuff with the stores name on it, because he was planning on tourning heavy. I told him I didnt have the money to sponsor players, our overhead just wouldnt allow it. He had no interest in taking anything from me at all, including gear. He just wanted me to outfit the stuff he already had. Thats where it started. I figured if a guy like that was willing to do it, it was worth getting him a shirt. And I bought a few others, and that was the beginning of the Starting 5. Adam, David, Doogie, Kirk and Fat Boss. Now here we are a few years down the road, and my No. 1 is still AO. As Team Leader his job is to be my eyes and ears out there, which is no different than its ever been. Adam has always been involved with the Team and the memebers, who is deserving and who isnt working hard enough. There was alot of it he heaped on himself last year after some off play. When you posess a work ethic and fire like his, its alot to live up to for other Team members, and thats EXACTLY what I expect.. There is nobody else who pulls more weight than this dude.

Thanks to everyone that submitted resumes. Ill post on the other Team levels as I get them worked out and reach people.

Thanks again, for your support. Have a Great Year!
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Postby Mount » Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:41 pm

Thank you for the honor of representing a great outfit at such a high level. I will do my best to make you proud.
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Postby Sprague » Tue Feb 07, 2012 7:29 pm

Look forward to a great season!

Just talked to AO today and we've both been working on our game - I sense a couple of comebacks on the horizon!

Thanks Jess and Chase!
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Postby blkwizardsonny » Tue Feb 07, 2012 8:27 pm

Sprague wrote:Look forward to a great season!

Just talked to AO today and we've both been working on our game - I sense a couple of comebacks on the horizon!

Thanks Jess and Chase!
i would love to see it christopher
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Postby Steady 26542 » Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:13 pm

Thanks Chase and Jess for the opportunity to represent Iron Lion. This year is a bit of a comeback year for me too as my bout with cancer and subsequent surgery has knocked me back a bit. But I will be back. I may have lost some D but I haven't lost the drive. Thanks again!
Team Iron Lion
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Postby treeMD » Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:03 am

But you couldn't throw far anyway mark :roll: lol, and that never stopped you from kickin some butt anyway!

But seriously, congrats mark, you deserve it. It was great seeing you out on the course the other day
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Postby LOOTOWNDISKR » Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:26 pm

I wish you guys the best of luck as well!! Not just to the players but the shop, have a great year folks.
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2012 Team Iron Lion Regional-

Postby Chase20460 » Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:53 pm


Jamey Linville - TEAM LEADER
Evan Qualls- TEAM LEADER

Jeremy Farnsworth
TJ Nydle
Kari Nydle
Dan Briedenstien
Blake Fohrkolb
Nick Snelling
Ryan Hillery
David Inman
Doug Peyton
Brock Dowell
Christine Savvakis-Barker
David Arango
Ryan Nicely
Leonard Young IV
Brandon Timper

Congrats to the 2012 Regional Team. Alot of new faces on here, but to anyone who played in 2011 Iowa and Illinois events, you probably know them. Lots of PDGA Tourney wins in this group in the Am Divisons. Several worked thier way on ( some mid season ) from the Local/Promo/Scout Team. We plan on seeing several move up to the Top Team, and there are spots waiting. Some are guys that have found life has a way of taking away free time. Its all good, were happy they still make it out more than a few times a month. Good Luck!


Pro or Advanced Play Level
15+ PDGA Events w 1 Major or A-Tier
Professional Attitude at ALL Times
Be Involved
Be Available
Be Iron Lion

Again, pretty simple stuff here. We ask you to play at least 15 PDGA events, doing so with a professional and considerate attitude. Promote the Iron Lion brand, lend a hand when you see its needed, and play disc golf! Again, we respect your ability to play this game and how you conduct yourself. Respect us by helping to promote the business and the sport of disc golf and its positive impact.

To help insure everyone is on the same page, as I cant be everywhere at once, Im enlisting the help of Team Leaders.

Fat Boss
Evan Qualls

Both have been with us since the Team "Officially" started, FB a little longer. Both have always been one of the first to jump in and help and both are very positive people in the disc golf community. Both are strong supporters of the Team, and the Iron Lion brand. They are my eyes and ears, and if they bring a problem to me, it wont end well for you. The Team Leader position is not one to take lightly. Look around the Team, to be chosen speaks volumns about that person and thier involvement with Iron Lion.

Ill be honest. 15 tourneys isnt going to be enough if there is a next year. The skill level of this group is going to set a high curve.

Have a Great Season!
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2012 Team Iron Lion -Local, Promo, Scout

Postby Chase20460 » Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:40 pm


Mike Freburg
Dustin Oostendorp
Doogie Hauser
Kirk Ramirez
Kevin Stibal
Mike Heaton
Ron Razz
Paul Rosener
Matt Geers
Caleb Holmquist
Tim Miller
Nate Hamilton
Rob Mumma

Alot of familiar faces on here. These are the guys that dont have the time they once did and/or are doing mainly local stuff, some were too busy to send in a resume. They run your tourneys, clean the courses, run leagues, hit the King Of Courses Series, promote the growth of the brand, all the stuff that helps us out locally and throughout the area. We consider them part of the Team, everyone always is, but tourneys and travel are taking a backseat for now. We are appreciative of thier efforts and hope to see more of them.


All Skill Levels
5 PDGA Events or 20 Local Events
Professional Attitude
Be Involved
Be Available
Be Iron Lion

Local Events consist of unsanctioned events, doubles events, King of the Courses Series, Work Nights, Clinics, and other disc golf related functions. Weekly minis ( QC Leagues ) count to a point, but if your banking on that, this probably isnt for you.

This is actually the most simple, but somewhat exclusive group. There is only one new member, Caleb "Ginger Jesus" Holmquist and he earned it after 2 years of being known as the Work Horse. He is great for all areas of the game and we are happy to see him move up to full time status.

Again, based off feedback from people who say they are playing more, I expect the bar to raise quite a bit for next year. Those of you slacking, better take notice.

Thanks Again for your support, Hope to see You out there!
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Postby discdude08 » Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:54 pm

Thank you Chase and Jess for the opportunity to represent you and the store in the 2012 disc golf season. It is truly an honor to wear the Iron Lion name. The teams all are stacked and should make for a great year!

Congrats to everyone who made it this year! Let's do it right and with pride this season!
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Postby tufluk » Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:10 pm

Damn, you've got a heck of a team. :D
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Postby Sniper26 » Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:31 pm

Thanks for having me once again Chase.
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Postby Detra319 » Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:42 pm

Congratulations guys, you have a heck of a team going there Chase. Tear it up in 2012!
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2012 Team Iron Lion- Scout

Postby Chase20460 » Wed Feb 08, 2012 9:58 pm


Spencer Wilken
Jay Greenwood
Carter Smith
Wes Jacobsen
Nate Lovich
Dawson Snelling

Here is where some new faces show up. Not new to the golf scene, really, but new to the Team. Several of the guys could play on a higher Team based off what they have accomplished on and off the course before now. But nobody makes the Team without the Scout Team. Well, almost nobody, but that guy won 2 Am World Titles, so he gets a break. Spencer has been making quite a name for himself and we welcome him aboard as we start making more noise in Illinois this year. Jay has been around the store since the start, and before, and now gets a shot at being Full Time. Carter, Nate and Wes are coming on and sent in a tough upcoming schedule. Its my belief all could work thier way on by mid-season if they apply themselves.

Dawson Snelling will now become the youngest Team member. Both He and Brock are the young guns of the Team, and the future looks bright.


All Skill Levels
Professional Attitude
Make an Impression
Be Involved
Be Available
Be Iron Lion

This is where you make the most of your shot. Foot in the Door. If you want on the Team Full Time, it starts here. Make an Impression. Congrats, you got our attention. Represent yourself and the Iron Lion brand in a Professional manner. Promote and grow your disc golf community in a positive light.


Alot of people sent in resumes that didnt make it. Im sorry, but if it helps you are on the Scout Team Radar. This is your chance to go out and make some things happen. There are openings on each level for every team, and they are there for a reason. I expect people to move up or move out. You always have a shot.

We got alot of quality resumes in. I wanted to put everyone on the Scout Team, and just let them battle. It just wasnt possible. It doesnt mean your not "good enough", it means you got to work harder if its something you want.

Its there, you just have to earn it and prove its yours. Thanks Again.
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