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Postby TreeLoveInman » Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:49 pm

O yea, suns out, Needs to dry off the pads!
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Postby Chase20460 » Thu Jul 08, 2010 1:02 pm

RESULTS from Middle Park # 9...9....9...9......9......9.........9...


Mike F. ........3


Nick M..........12

Kyle J...........10
Nick S. .........10
Mike N...........6
Dan S...........2


Wes J.........16
Don I...........8

Zach T.........5
Kurt S..........5
Jeff R...........3

Working on totals for all weeks now. If your name is in red, you have a payout slip waiting for you at the store or at the next King of the Courses. Due to ties all payouts will be split ahead of time.
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Postby smalls51691 » Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:15 pm

where is matzen lake?
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Postby TreeLoveInman » Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:29 pm

Not to sure, I would suggest giving chase a call, He is making maps and directions as well, I am sure that he will post something up on here. Dont forget about doubles on sat. at matzen lake, good way to scope out the course before sundays single play.
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Postby FB32992 » Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:59 pm

smalls51691 wrote:where is matzen lake?

it a few miles north of Orion and afew miles west of Coal Valley.It only a 15 - 20 min drive from QC's ,I cant recall the actual strret name but know where its at.2200 maybe?
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Postby Chase20460 » Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:26 pm

Ill have stuff at the store tomorrow. Im working on the schedule now, but here is a tentitive schedule for the weekend:

Friday afternoon: Course set up. If you are bringing a basket I will need it here at Matzen or before at my house/shop. People can bring them out on thier own on Friday and maybe get a quick look, possibly even sneak a few holes in. Basket donator perks, maybe, though I am sure some others will sneak on for last minute prep and paint.

>Pretty sure some people are coming around the corner at Hillcrest Resort, and from what I gather its supposed to be a pretty nice spot! : http://www.hillcrest-resort.com/home.htm

There are also basic directions on site to Hill Crest.

Ill get actual directions, and we will post a sign off the blacktop. Basically, for those of you familiar with the area, you take RT 6 through Coal Valley, and make a right onto the balcktop road just short of KONE, inc. ( road to Orion ) 3rd left at the top of the hill and after crossing the railroad tracks you will have the option to go straight or turn right. If you turn right, it takes you to HillCrest, if you go straight for a few hundred feet, the entrance to the Matzen property is on the right. Follow the markers/signs to parking area.

<<<< I thought it was 2nd left, it is actually the 3rd. If you take the Taets Farm left by mistake, follow that road and you will hook on to 1800 eventually, and take the left fork, the driveway on the right is Matzens.


12 PM Saturday. Sign in @ 11:30 am. Random Draw*, Best Shot for a doubles round and get some practice in on this course, youll be happy you did!

The course is only open to Doubles players.

5$ per player. Cash payout for Pros, Merch for Ams.
*1st schedule, watch thread for possible changes.


Sign in from 9- 9:45 a.m.
Players meeting follows.
Pats Cooking, bring your appetite!
Second Round

Cost: $20 to $31 every division. ( Pro, Adv, Int )
You must pay a dollar for every King Of The Courses you missed, to catch up to everyone else in your division. All money stays within your division.

Ace fund is seperate, and I think is at $2 for those that missed the final week.

Please remember - Matzen Lake is not a disc golf course. There will be natural tees, and dont be suprised if they are moved slightly from day to day or round to round, as we are trying to leave as little impression we were there as possible. Spikes will be permitted, but probably wont be needed.

Pop=Up tents day of onsite should be okay, if you want to make a place to chill between rounds. Plenty of big shade trees and we may be set up on the patio, so its a comfort feature. If your playing the doubles, it could be set up on Saturday, but no camping is allowed. ( See above )
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Postby RonRazz » Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:53 am

Chases directions are correct, these should help too.

Matzen Lake Directions

Take I-74 to Route 6. Turn Left(east) on to Route 6 for approximately 5 miles.

Continue on Route 6 through Coal Valley, IL. (Side Note the BP you pass in coal valley is the closest gas station IE: stop now for beer and smokes)

Continue on Route 6 into Henry County until you reach E 200th St/ CR- 12, turn Right on to E 200th St/ CR-12 (look of small billboard sign on right sign of RT 6 that read Taets Produce that is E 200th St/ CR-12.)

Continue on E 200th St/ CR-12 for 3 miles. Look for Warner Station Rd/1800th Ave. Turn Left on Warner Station Rd/1800th Ave.

Continue east on Warner Station Rd/1800th Ave for approximately 2 miles.

Matzen Lake entrance is on right. First drive way on right after E 340th St.
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Postby jess20460 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:51 pm

Here's the complete list of those invited to take part of this weekend's activities at Matzen Lake..

Adam Curlott
Ben Callaway
Chad Hein
Chris Sprague
Dave Arango
Doogie Hauser
Dustin Avery
Dustin Oostendorp
Evan Qualls
Jeff Mallum
Kevin Stibal
Kirk Ramirez
Mark Steddom
Mike Freburg
Mikey Heaton
Nick Rapp
Pete Stolmier
Ron Razz
Ross Brandt
Shawn D
TJ Nydle
Tony Williams

Aaron Holke
Alex O.
Andrew Jacobs
Bill Dilts
Blake Foehrkolb
Dan Bridenstien
Dan Swanson
Dave Wagner
Donny Moboone
Dustin Avery
Evan Qualls
Jason Spilman
Jeff Blazer
John Resch
Josh Donner
Justin Densburger
Kyle Jumion
Lenny Young
Mike Filicky
Mike N
Mike Noth
Mike Rieck
Mike S.
Mikey Heaton
Nate Lovich
Nick Hultgren
Nick Mazzarollo
Nick Snelling
Pat Kernan
RJ McDaniel
Ron Rasmussen
Ryan Hillery
Ryan Nicely
Wesley Scott
Zach White

Brian Murphy
Caleb Holmquist
Chance K
Chet Kemering
Chris Seys
Dan Oshaughnessy
Dan Speer
Dave Wagner
David Inman
David W
Don Ince
Dustin Nohr
Gene M
Greg Brown
Jake Maxwell
Jason Spillman
Jeff Reynolds
Jeremy Petty
John Rounds
Johnny Scott
Josh Riley
Justin Densburger
Kari Nydle
Kurt S.
Kyle j
Mamolito Perez
Mike N
Mike R
Paul Roesner
Ryan Nicely
Scotty M (gene's nephew)
Scotty Moore
Tom Neufcour
Tyler DeRoo
Wes Jacobson
Zac Carter
Zach Totten
Zack D
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