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Postby Chase20460 » Sun Apr 05, 2009 9:26 pm

Its on like Donkey Kong. The '09 Team info will be arriving shortly.

As of right now, all spots have been filled.

That doesnt mean YOU cant be on it down the road. We tend to cater towards the travelling tournament player, but its not all about ability. Being a great ambassador to your disc golf community means as much to us as your skill. We will be on the hunt for prospects, so if this is something your interested in, keep posted on the Team Info page here and on the website.

Pissed off your not on the Team? Good! Thats the motivation we are looking for. Get to work and get noticed doing something positive! Our Team members are our eyes and ears, and the best way for you to get our attention is to get thiers. If they endorse you, your on the short list.


Can AO retain the No.1 spot on the Team for the 4th consecutive year? Hes got some competition this year from new Team Member Chris Sprague. Expect 2 of the best players in the World to Battle week in and week out.
Will Angela keep killing the competition? We think shes on her way to another Championship, and are backing her all the way!
What Team Member will have thier breakout year? We got a few rising stars in the Open division, and some Ams that are coming on strong! Mike Freburg and TJ Nydle posted a W at the Franklin Freeze and Team Iron Lion ruled there and at the Iowa Tour opener in Osky.

Team Iron Lion '09 . Str8 Jack'n your backyard party.
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