Citique my bag and my game

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Citique my bag and my game

Postby covey » Tue Jun 05, 2007 12:11 am

Hello Chase,

My sister is what!:lol:

As my Disc golf guru wanted to get your two cent and my disc selection and my game.

First the bag

Avenger SS ESP=Backhand distant bomber hope to gain some control. New disc but over throwing pins, big fan.

Star Wraith=Getting replaced by the Avenger. Goes out, up and then drive to the ground like a brick.

Star Roadrunner= Kinda liked it but when I want to go right I throw forehand. Chills in the bag allot. Hope to develop a roller with it.

Star Max= Brand new hopefully the new forehand D bomber. Overthrew a few basket with it looking good.

Flick elite-Z= Bread and butter forehand disc. Always cuts back except my first flick that went straight for Duck Creek :evil: Was looks for more forehand D went for the Max.


Buzz ESP FLX= Most beloved disc in the bag. When I throw it wrong its my fault. So straight. So so straight. Got a 150ft. eagle with it at Prospect. Not going anywhere. Knocked alot of disc out of a job.

E-Sabre=Speaking of which. Ultra straight fairway driver? Buzz is longer and straighter so it stays in the bag alot.

Element X=The buzz is straight what if I need to go around something? Element X time. This was all you Chase THANKS. Hyzer time up and out of rough. Chinched off the chain knuckle at 18 at Camden. 3 or 4" lower ACE. Holds a hyzer like no other.

2007 Pro-Am Super Roc=Every other old school disc golfer throws a Roc so I thought I would pick one up. In between the Buzz and Element-X. Hasn't found much of a home yet but so pretty.


Star Aviar= Least personality of the putters I've thrown. Best yet.

Pro Beast=1st disc. Not bad but in Duck Creek. Too many other similar disc to buy another disc.

Pro Bridie=2nd disc. God Awful. SOOOO SSSLLLOOOWWW! Could whip it mad hard maybe 40'. Garbage. Sold to friend.

Champ Ryhno=Putter with a 3 LSF come on. I throw it only over water now.

Next the game and the issues
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Postby covey » Tue Jun 05, 2007 12:43 am

My Game:

History=Started 2 months ago but have play around an average of maybe around maybe 10 to 12 rounds a week. Fell for the game HARD.

Plus side:Developing both a forehand and backhand game equally. Big guy, big arm, big power.

Minus side:Inconsistent control. Forehand decent 200' easy flick, 300' 350' even 400' bomb happy with it. 1 out of 20 doesn't come back(see flick in Duck Creek). Backhand between grips. Did the "Control grip" at first, short and pulling up for the first month and a half. Working on the 4 fingered power grip but little left to right control at this point. Threw my Avenger SS half way to the swing sets at 3 on Camden. Power grip not woods friendlily yet but long.

Plus side:Happy with it. Got a good script. The Buzz straight, Element X around stuff on a hyzer, the Roc some where in between.

Minus side:Not chaining everything from midrange so I can work on it.


Plus side: Finally settled in on a putting style and a putter. Jump Style no jump and a Star Avair. Working on it seem to like it.

Minus side:Switching back and forth from sissy plink off the front of the basket putting to the 10 to 15' over throw.

Any comment or criticism will be appreciated.

Me, Kenny and the Applebee crew is still looking for a West lake tour guide :D

I would like to see "Local boy Chase Roberts three 5" in person.8)
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Postby Chase20460 » Tue Jun 05, 2007 10:08 am

Well it seems to me your on the right track. When starting this game nowadays, its tough to figure out what discs are helping or hurting your game. There are so many choices!

Basically, the best thing to do is to stick with what is working and learn the hell out of it. Learning as few molds as possible is the fastest way to advance. If your liking those Avengers, stay with that, and select different versions of that Avenger for different shots. ( The SS, as an example, for straight shots, the Z for hysers. As you beat them in, they can perform at different levels) Sticking with the same molds is something that isnt real popular in the Quads, but its what you see when your out on tour. You dont see 20 different molds, or shot specific discs very often. What you see is a favorite driver and 4 other versions of the same driver, just at different stages of wear, used for different shots.

The ultimate goal in this game is to be as consistent as the last time you picked up your discs. Obviously, the best way to do that is to know and trust the discs your throwing.

Remeber, your only 2 months in, and in this game you get out what you put in. If your playing 10-12 rounds a week, things will begin to pick up for you, as your probably destroying the learning curve.

The best advice I can offer is to hit the fields. You will only advance so far if you dont. Go to a soccer field and try to make goals, as opposed to playing rounds. Get Kenny to go to a big open field, and start playing catch with putters. As you get warmed up, start throwing some mid ranges around. Then bust out some drives. I go to a football field ( actually I dont very much, but I wish I would. ) and throw drive after drive at nothing, just picking spots and angles, or going for the goal posts.

Also, the putt is by far the most important part of this game. Any time you can spend near a basket making putts is by far the best thing you can do, especially in the starting phases.

When I first got started, I spent a ton of time on the courses, playing round after round. I didnt start to get good until I realized I had to hit the open field to learn, not just by playing casual rounds over and over. Again, its about consistency.
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Postby covey » Tue Jun 12, 2007 10:41 pm

Lets see where we are at now.

Big plus for you Chase me and Kenny have throughly infected the Granite City Crew with disc golf. Trying to steer them your way.

The same basically happy with it. Can't throw anything right hooking. Anhyser, wing up is suppose to pitch right correct? Still no big issues.

Big improvement. The aviar is helping a ton. Plus I practiced. My very high tech two 5g bucket stacked on top of each other in front with a photo tripod covered in a blanket(no kidding) made for a very narrow practice basket. Really not missing to many of the gimme putts anymore. I'll keep practicing.

Forehand is really settling in. I've settled in on a Star MAX and a Flick as my main forehand drivers. Both are overstable both have a mean low speed fade. Do forehand friendly drivers need to be overstable and hard fading?

Now that the forehand is coming along I was hoping to find a forehand friendly driver that gets a little more D and does a bit more at the end of the flight than pitch over and crash to the ground. Any suggestions?

Backhand drives:
I broke my drive. Started with the control grip and as a rookie pulled up it. A crap high hard hook. So I worked on it. Tried to just think it flat. "Don't pull up" didn't work. Actually started holding the disc higher on the tee box pulling straight across my chest. Kinda works really unnatural feeling.

Tired to switch to the power grip but in all the monkeying with the form I think I just about ruined any good muscle memory I had. It went to hell. I am kinda stumped at this point. I think I just need to go to a field and throw power grip until I get some idea what I am doing.
Suggestions here would really help.

I hope your around tomorrow I need to get a few new disc. The devil claimed my Avenger SS and I never know what else I need.
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