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Postby papparoc » Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:40 am

IHearChains wrote:
Chase20460 wrote:As long as placing in the top 10 isnt the main goal, Id say he is doing fine in Advanced.

There is nothing wrong with him playing where his rating dictates, but at the same time, hes basically a veteran of disc golf and tournament play. Unlike many of us who dont have the time or the patience to develop, Brock is growing with the game and the sooner he learns to play with the pressure of peers and when to run it and when to lay up, he will be placing well in advanced. Will he be in the Top 10 at every event, maybe not for awhile, but he will be learning at a higher level to trust his ability, something he may not learn in Intermediate.

I am taking the same approach, beginning to test the waters in a tougher division even though I am outclassed by most of those guys. So I agree with most of what you said.

But, here is another perspective to consider...

If he is playing with the bottom card of Advanced, is he really learning much from that? Playing with people who have basically given up all hope of cashing and are no longer trying to play smart golf, or are no longer maintaining good sportsmanship? Is it a good place for a 14-yr-old when the rest of the card is no longer observing the alcohol and "smoking" restrictions? If it were my kid I would try to make sure he is on a card where people still care about their game.[/quote]

I must say the advanced players have been great with him. I make it to almost every event he plays. For me it's my Friday night football game and I there to cheer him on. I made it to 3 of 4 events this year. Amanna he was tied for 1st after the 1st round. Turkey Creek he was on the 2nd card and at Camden he was on the 3rd card. (we got the privalidge of playing with Mark Steadam) I was not at Oski. We are trying to prepare him for the Worlds and feel advanced is the best place for that.
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Postby GDL17921 » Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:08 pm

I agree with you Bill. Brock is ready to play at a higher level than intermediate so he is constantly pushing himself. I think that MOST guys are respectful when there's younger players on a card when it comes to things that need to be done discreetly.
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Postby diskey river » Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:25 pm

Agree with challanging yourself and moving up, but imo, in this case I'd keep
Brock in INT until he can maintain a 920ish rating. Providing a young kid the chance at some wins/trophies.
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Postby GDL17921 » Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:45 pm

problem with the intermediate division is that there's too many people that play it trying to pad their confidence. Usually the guys that win intermediate should be playing advanced. I don't give a damn what the ratings guidelines say - if you've won in intermediate, it's time man up. Just my opinion though.
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