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More Innova News from Disc golf Sweden

Postby RonRazz » Sun Feb 22, 2009 10:29 pm

Innova Dart
The latest putt and approach model from Innova is called the Dart. It is similar to the Aviar P & A, except that it has less fade and a little more range. The preliminary numbers are speed=3, glide=4, turn=0 (HSS) och fade=0 (LSS).

It is made with a new R-Pro material where R basically stands for Rubber. This material is most similar to JK Pro and Pro Rhyno and it stays very grippy and flexible in cold or wet weather.

Dart will be released together with Star Boss and R-Pro Aviar P & A if everything is running according to plan.
There is a big chance that the Rhyno and Aviar-X will be made in R-Pro in a near future.
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