$ For Tourist

$ For Tourist

Postby WaterlooChainSeeker » Sun Jun 05, 2011 4:06 pm

I have not played Tourist in a long time and on June 3rd 2011 my buddy and I played 18 there after a long day at Exchange. Anyway the course is in real bad shape and it is a shame seeing it like that after a few year absence. I was just wondering if anyone has ever thought of cementing and securing a "dollar per round, per player donation" box next to hole 1. We played at around 6pm that Friday and we were probably 2 of 30 players on the course. When a group would leave another would start. I think a lot of players might put a dollar in the bucket to help the course and if Friday was any indication of attendance $100 a day does not seem to unlikely. Just wondering if this ever crossed the discussion table because this course could be nice and short and sweet again like it was the last time I played.
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