Sanctioning HWY 69 DUBS?

All Tournaments held in the state of Iowa or by Iowa affilitated clubs.

sanction doubles tournaments?

sanction yes
sanction no
don't care
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Re: Sanctioning HWY 69 DUBS?

Postby Buzzz Killington » Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:14 am

Read this.

My fav part, "Implied Acceptance of Risk
In a majority of cases, the consent to assume the risk is implied from the conduct of the plaintiff under the circumstances. The basis of the defense is not contract, but consent, and it is available in many cases in which no express agreement exists.
By entering voluntarily into any relationship or transaction in which the negligence of the defendant is evident, the plaintiff is deemed to accept and consent to it, to assume responsibility for personal safety, and to unburden the defendant of the obligation. Spectators at certain sports events assume all the known risks of injury from flying objects. Plaintiffs who enter business premises as invitees and detect dangerous conditions can be deemed to assume the risks when they continue voluntarily to encounter them."

In other words, a waiver seals the deal if it weren't already done so by paying the event fees.
If your still trying to sue your TD or league, try the Chewbacca defense.
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