2012 Stock Championship (Northwood, IA)

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2012 Stock Championship (Northwood, IA)

Postby Skell » Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:41 am

It's time to start thinking about the 2012 Stock Championship since Pre-Registration is REQUIRED for participation at this event. So here are all of the details........


2012 Stock Championship
Northwood, IA
Saturday June 9th

*$25 per player (Men or Women)
*MUST Pre-Register to Participate
*LIMITED to the first 32 PAID Players
*Match Play Format (9 Hole Matches)
*All Players are guarenteed to play at least 4 Matches
*Multiple Brackets (Championship Bracket, 1-Loss Bracket, 2-Loss Bracket, and 3-Loss Bracket)
*Trophies for Champion and Runnerup
*100% Payout to the Top 22 Players (Champion gets $160, Runnerup gets $80, 3rd through 10th gets $40, 11th through 22nd gets $20)
*Top 22 Players get Invite to participate at 2013 Stock Championship

2012 Invited Players: (In order of finish at 2011 Stock Championship)
Bill Orozco (Defending Champion)
Scott Peters
Ryan Sanders
Chris Claring
Tim Ragen
Ben Janssen
Brian Wells
Josh Lyster
Doug Hill
Art Schorn
Rob Peil
Andy Matton
Tim Ouverson
Seth Kim
Don Hillyard
Mike Owen
Nick Perry
Doug Krueger
Mike Orozco
Alan Cooper
Josh Faas
Derek Smith

Registration Dates:
2012 Invited Players - Pre-Registration is now open, effective immediately!
Non-Invited Players - Pre-Registration will open on May 1, 2012
Pre-Registration closes for All Players on May 31, 2012
**Event is limited to the first 32 PAID Players, with the Invited Players getting first chance to Pre-Register.

Seeding: (#1 through #32)
*All Invited Players will be seeded first, starting with #1, based on order of Finish at 2011 Stock Championship.
*Then all Non-Invited Players will be seeded, starting where the Invited Players left off, through #32 by random drawing the day of the event before the Player Meeting.
*First Round #1 is matched up against #32, #2 against #31 and so on, like any other seeded tournament bracket.

Let me know if you have any questions! Otherwise let the Pre-Registrations start flowing my way!

Send your Entry Fee to me either through Paypal to the email address below, or send a check to my mailing address below.

Mark Skellenger
NDGC President
Tournament Director
203 13th Street South
Northwood, IA. 50459
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Postby Skell » Mon May 21, 2012 12:02 pm

Hey everyone! This tournament is fast approaching, and I only have 4 players paid as of 5/20/12.

So we still have 28 spots open to the first 28 people to get me thier money!!!!!!!

2012 Stock Championship (Players who have paid already)
*Chris Claring
*Brian Wells
*Rob Peil
*Mark Skellenger

Please PreRegister for my sake and for your sake, don't risk showing up the morning of the event expecting to get in, because you will not be guarenteed a spot if you did not get me money before. LIMITED TO THE FIRST 32 PLAYERS TO PAY ME, EITHER PREREGISTER OR DAY OF!!!!!

Mark Skellenger
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