BHMDGL Meeting February 2010

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BHMDGL Meeting February 2010

Postby Golfguy » Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:42 am

Topics discussed:

- SNOW Disc
- handicap calcuation(s)
- course maintenance issues
- new course develops
- PDGA tournaments

With our new snow fall we need help to clear tee boxes at Tourist for Saturday. Master Lee and others will be out there Wednesday. Please help as you can.

Most of the discussion surrounded tournaments. Hickory Hills will be 01MAY10 and the Open will be 11SEP10. Much debate was held regarding the Open date. It was decided to submit for SEP and not AUG due to tradition. (Sorry, Shaq and Chase ). There are just too many tournaments ... see other threads on IowaDG.

Our tournament agreements where submitted last night and we got confirmantion from the PDGA this morning.

Next BHMDGL meeting in Monday March 8th at 6pm at Frog's in CF. (Please note the new start time. )

Now, go find a basket and practice your putting and ACE runs for Saturday...see you there!!!
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Postby Golfguy » Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:58 am

oh, I forgot.

Kinch shared the tee sign layouts for Ghostown.

They looked great! Same as the new signs at Exchange.

Stay tuned for workdays in the spring to install the tee signs.
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Postby Shaq » Tue Feb 09, 2010 8:12 pm

shit i forgot we even had a meeting that blows about sept 11 though nyway c uall sat!
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Postby CalebP » Sun Feb 28, 2010 3:17 pm

I dont exactly what is needed, but I have time and money and a love for the sport and people that come along with it. Ill try to get to Toads next time.

I know that Washington Park 9 hole is in the works right now....
Central Park on Seerley is a very awesome location to think about. The old swimming pool is gone, I think with a few trees here and there, possibly could be a 9 hole course there. Theres also a grove and hills back towards the baseball field/amvets building. If there was to be a 2nd bridge built to cross the creek area this could be a really cool course. Not to mention raising the values of the homes in that area and make the park more usable. Its basically a huge open field with woods surrrounding it currently and some playground equipment on the corner.
With some strategic placement, poss 18 holes? The terrain is kind of rough, but theres alot that could be done with it.

Wasnt this park the old landfill for cf?

Heres a top down view:,+ia&sll=42.517244,-92.44051&sspn=0.004017,0.009602&ie=UTF8&hq=central+park&hnear=Cedar+Falls,+IA&ll=42.517529,-92.438847&spn=0.00382,0.009602&t=h&z=17
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