Kindschi wanted everyone to see this

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Kindschi wanted everyone to see this

Postby RickyBenny » Mon Jul 07, 2008 12:07 pm

BHMDGL Members,

I am very concerned and disgusted by the disc golf course we played Monday night. The Waterloo Exchange Club has given us a gift of $5000 to improve our park and course. If this is the result, I say we give the money back and tell them it is not worth the effort.

How many public players do you think will play the OB as we did? The answer is zero. How many league members will play the course with all the OB during practice rounds? Again, my guess is zero. So the only reason to have OB along the bike trail is to penalize league members because of safety concerns to the public on 5 or 6 Monday nights and one tournament each year? What about the other 358 days of the year? This is truly ridiculous.

As the course now lies, several holes are dangerous to the public and will result in a public injury and a lawsuit against the City. If this happens, the bike trail will stay and the course will be torn out. The City of Waterloo has little respect for Disc Golf. If they did they would not have put a trail through it. You don’t see any bike trails through the ball golf courses at Gates or Byrnes Park, do you?

What it comes down to is that we have to make the best of a bad situation. This course is unsafe. If we do not take steps to correct it, no one else will. We will end up with a 9 hole course on the Island. This course should have been fixed before we ever played a round of golf on it.

Holes that need serious consideration:
• #1: Players throw over the trail on their drive. The tee and basket need to be moved.
• #4: Crosses the trail. Blind to trail users.
• #5: Players throw over trail on their drive. Blind to trail users.
• #6: Trail parallels the hole. Redesign. Move basket and or tee.
• #8: Move basket further away from trail.
• #9: Blind to trail users.
• #17: Blind to trail users as well as players.
• #18: Move basket away from trail. Blind behind trees.
• #19: Trail parallels the hole. Shorten or redesign.
• #20: Move basket away from trail.
• #26: Move basket further away from trail.

I am not trying to be a dictator, just realistic. We as course designers and city governments have a responsibility to make reasonably safe parks and courses for all, not just during league nights, but at all times. The course I played Monday night was not in any way shape or form reasonable.
I spoke with Paul Hutting and asked about several issues. Among them was the public safety, our involvement in the trail design (or lack thereof) more trees to define fairways, and erosion along the river bank. He would like to meet with the Trail engineers, his dept. and a few members of our league.

As long as I am on my soap box, here are some more comments:

I am also disgusted by the lack of help on work nights. I don’t know how much of it is lack of communication and how much is laziness. Why is it 30 can show up for doubles, 50 can show up for league night, but 8 show up on a work night? I have a full time job, a family, and a home to care for, but I still make time to volunteer when the league or other community organization needs help. The attitude I see is “Let’s do the bare minimum, then play a round before it gets dark.” That is a bunch of B.S.

Mike Kindschi, PDGA # 3989
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Postby arowan21 » Tue Sep 09, 2008 10:02 pm

I hate to say this as someone that played exchange 3-5 times a week, but this course almost needs to be completely redone. I think that maybe even 3-9 holes could be pulled to make this course more playable. That out of bounds is a lot of shit. 1's basket needs to be moved closer to 2's tee to fix the OB. 4 I think needs to be moved. The bike path is RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HOLE. Its dumb luck to hit this OB, and that's not fair. The next few holes are a mess. Frankenstein sucks. With dense woods to the left and the OB bike trail to the right, something needs to be fixed. I think moving this hole would be the best bet. 21 needs a Bulldozer to fix the sand. 22 is retarded. The rest is fine. Fix a couple holes and remove a few, then move the extra baskets to LePorte City.
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Postby hyzerman16234 » Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:17 am

I don't get up there much but it sounds like maybe an idea would be to take out 9 holes and move them to Hickory Hills. That would be a great 18 hole course. Bike trails and disc golf definitely don't mix well. We have/had the same problem at Legion.
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Postby SARG27044 » Wed Sep 10, 2008 4:22 pm

i liked it, gave it a kinda tropical feel with the 3 ft of sand on the islands. wish i would have come barefoot
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