Work Days Ghost Town.

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Work Days Ghost Town.

Postby Master Lee » Fri May 23, 2008 9:22 am

Kevin, Chase, Kindschi, Sires, R.L. and I managed to get all of the bricks out of the Tee pads wed. Also Kevin and his Cub Cadet did a nice job of digging out all 18 Tee pads. So we have a real nice start. Below is a schedule for work days.

Sat. 5/24 - Ghost Town - 9am ish. I will be out there until mid afternoon putting together forms leveling and back filling tee pads. Primarily getting the Tees ready for concrete. If we have a decent turn out this shouldn't take very long. Please bring shovels and hammers. I have a couple good levels we can use but if you have one it wouldn't hurt to bring it.

Sun. 5/25 - Ghost Town - NooNish - I will not be able to make it on Sunday. But anyone who is available can slide out and finish prepping Tee Pads for concrete. If we do not get it all done on Sat.

We would like to get the concrete poured next week. On Monday Night at League we will pick a work day that a good crew of discers can help out. Our goal is to have all 18 Tee pads done by the end of next week.

Then we can shift focus to Exchange. We will schedule a work day for Sunday 6/1 to finalize new layout and start getting it all taken care of.

Please pass this info on to your teammates that might not check this site.
The more help we have the better.
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Ghost Town work days

Postby cigarguy16 » Sat May 24, 2008 12:05 pm

Master Lee is probably too laid back with his announcements about work days at the courses but for all of you newbies, this is not optional attendance but rather, it is mandatory. The BHMDGL is primarily responsible for course maintenance and improvements and we need League members to help out with the work. Its a small price to pay for the enjoyment you receive the rest of the year playing the courses. So show up on the dates scheduled!
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