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CDGC Custom Stamp Discs

Postby StingHP » Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:12 pm

Custom discs have officially been ordered! We will be getting Z Predators, Z Buzzes, Cryztal Buzzes and Cryztal Challengers with the following stamp:

Prices will be as follows:
Z Predator - $14 for members, $16 for non-members
Z Buzzes - $14 for members, $16 for non-members
Cryztal Buzzzes - $16 for members, $18 for non-members
Cryztal Challengers - $16 for members, $18 for non-members

More information to come.

We have ordered 10 predators, 15 z buzzzes, 15 cryztal buzzzes, and 10 cryztal challengers. If needed we can also order more.

If you would like to prepay now you are more than welcome. Please PM myself, DrillingChains, or laubdog93.

Thank you for looking.[/url]
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