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Thanks Mark, There has been a burn ban for the last month, and the teepad and bench work made more sense than clearing brush into piles and moving the stuff twice. 16 is the current work in progress, with a double terrace necessary to make up the proper height. Being the pyromaniac in the crew, I MISS FIRE (and the associated hot dogs)! Mike, Mike, and Chris have designed and constructed the bulwarks around the teepads, with me and an assortment of others seeking out, and harvesting the osage logs they need. We are getting quite proficient at it! Thanks for the feedback.
Just a reminder, Monday is regular workday, we always are happy for any help, even for an occasional hour or two. Or, stop by and have a cool one and see what we do. A short BS session is always welcome. If any deck builder or home project guy has any scrap material to donate, PM me and we will see if we can use. Chris got a lead on some bricks and plants just today. :D
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Was reviewing the 2012 work log on There are 130 separate entries. That has someone working on the course every 3 days all year long. Wow!
Here is a List of those who worked on Cam 2 during 2012: Chris Sprague, Mike Whiteside, Mike "the axe", Luke Steen, Jerry Miller, Caleb, "Old man" Mike, Brad Ellis, Jonathon Scott, Scotty "dubs", Tim, Alf, Kris, Denny, Tish, "Mazz", Bobby Miller, Alex A., Fred W., Samson, Nick H., Nick Snelling, Mike E., "Big" Frank, Gayla M., Gene.
And, of course the spouses who put up with the guys being at the park so much.
Plus Xyla, Patrick, Moe, Winter, Gus, and Baby.
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1-5 Mike W. and Gene got 3 fires going on the west side of 8's fairway. Cleared brush and logs. Began lining creek bank w/ logs. Had a controlled burn on hill, eliminating leaf cover. Seeded bare ground. Mike "the axe" came and started 4th fire in old brushpile. Caleb stopped by during his round and helped a bit. "Old Man" Mike came by and helped "the axe" roll a big stump down into the fire. 57 degree January day.

1-6 Mike W. and Gene backfilled 3 fires. Restarted another and lit a 5th. Cut and burned near 17's stairs. Staged a few more logs along creek edge. Jerry came and did a super job of cutting up a fallen walnut tree and clearing a section of downed oak near 1's bridge. Brad Ellis improved our temporary bridge on 9 and did stair repair work on 18.

1-8 Mike "the axe" worked on shoring up 7tee today. I don't have trouble running off the tee but I've seen others. This will provide room to step off the front of the tee and hopefully slow erosion under the pad.

1-9 Mike "the axe" out early on 7's teepad area. Chris out at lunch planning trail on 9. Did some shoring of bank in 18's creek. Mike W. started 2 fires below 8 and loaded them up. Did more controlled leaf burning. Gene and Jonathan Scott staked in the rest of the logs laid out along creek bank. 80% done. Caleb and Scott W. helped burn leaves near 1's bridge. 52 degree January day.

1-10 Mike "the axe" continued his work on 7's teepad. Gene re-built fire near 1's bridge.

1-13 Mike "the axe" and Gene shoveled teepads. Brad Ellis constructed nice footbridge over washout on 1 and improved 2 steps near 10's bridge using large pavers.

2-2 Mike W and Gene started 2 fires near 17's tee and 11c. Jerry M came soon after and behan dismantling fallen tree across 12's fairway. After breaking chainsaw chain, he joined in feeding the fires. New trail created from 16b to 17's tee. Gene and Jerry feeding fires until after dark. Dogs roasted and beer and gatorade drank.

2-3 Gene backfilled fires and cleared more Locust and sticker bushes. Created a "Private Property" stencil for the OB line on 14 & 15.

2-6 Gene purchased and stenciled 6 2X4s for OB line on 14/15. Nailed them up on hedgerow. Began removing existing rusty barbed wire.

2-11 Gene started 2 fires behind 6's tee. Cleared brush and cut trees/branches that had fallen in our largest burning bush grove. Mike "the axe" and Luke came to help feed the fires. Chris & Mike W. worked on tee signs.

2-12 Gene backfilled fires and picked up litter behind 6's tee.

2-22 Mike W., Scotty Dub, Gene and Xyla started 2 fires right of 1, tee side. Cleaned logs and brush from ground. Harvested osage and made stakes. Lined creek bank with logs. Scott worked on steps down to creek. He and Mike lined hillside trail with logs, and Mike improved trail.

3-11 Gene nailed and stenciled boards along 15's O. B. line. Gave the "whale" an eye on 2. Spread grass seed on 1's new trail and fairway.

3-13 Gene got 2 fires going near 3's teepad. Mike "the Axe" came and helped cut logs and feed fires. After Mike left, newcomer Tim helped carry brush and logs until well after dark.

3-14 Gene restarted fires. Pulled & burned sticker bushes.

3-16 Gene and Mike W. extended log line along creek far side of 18's creek, and improved trail. Planted some crocus and daffodils. Started 4 fires along 3's fairway. Newcomers Tim, Kris, and Alf came and helped feed the fires. Jerry showed up and helped dig out stumps. Gene and Mike rebuilt bench, and created 2 bag (or beer) holding tables. Chris and Samson came by for encouragement. Crew stayed until well after dark. Good people, beer, dogs and chips. It gets better????

3-17 Gene and Xyla backfilled fires and dug stumps.

3-19 Gene restarted a fire in 3's rough. Ran bladed brushcutter through sticker bushes. Mike W and Jerry started 2 more fires in big deadfall near the 2c green. Chris bedded an osage log near 1's bridge to divert water and mud. Also improved trails on 8. Gene and Jerry cut logs for terrace work and Mike humped scrap to fires. Luke stopped by for moral support.
Discussed plans for future projects.

3-26 Gene started fire behind 18's tee and began clean-up. Big Frank stopped during his round to assist. Luke showed up and helped start log line along 18's side of creek. Mike "the Axe", Mike W. and Chris came soon after. Mike W and Luke carried pre-cut material over to 1's brigde. Bust yer azz work. Chris began making more steps and water bars above the bridge. "The Axe" carried a ton of fallen wood from the hillside near fire and burned it. Gene felled a big dead tree, and cut it into large sections. Luke, Chris and Mike W positioned the logs in creek, creating a walking path. Luke and Mike W started fire in creek to clean up leftovers from that tree. Osage logs stockpiled and stakes cut. Dogs eaten, beer drank. Very productive night.

3-27 Chris went out at lunch, cleaned up, moved logs out of creek channel and raked.

3-30 Gene used remaining 6X6's to construct bench for hole 13's tee.

3-31 Luke, Mike "the axe" and Gene unloaded bench on 13. Gene removed all barbed wire on 14 and 15. Cut a spot in the brush for the bench, leveled ground, and moved bench into position. Painted stumps.

4-2 Gene started fire near 15. Began cutting fallen trees and feeding fire. Chris arrived shortly and began digging trench for terracing on 15b. Gene and Chris used chains and Come-along to pull large log into position. Chris anchored log into place and backfilled with several buckets of large gravel for drainage before doing final landscaping. Mike "The Axe" came and went to 15's tee and started moving dirt to shore up slab. Luke came, and he and Gene harvested several large osage logs for Mike. Mike W., after removing over 20 stumps began helping "the axe" with the teepad project. Luke and Gene then began lining the O.B line on 14/15 with logs, completing 14 and approx a quarter of 15. The 2 Mikes used the logs to terrace and landscape 15's tee. The "Axe" seeded area. Beer drank, brats eaten. Lots of great work!

4-3 Mike "the axe" burned debris below 14c. More stakes, grading, and grass seed on 15 pad.

4-5 Mike "the axe" and Chris finished the teepad project on 15 and removed trees from 15s fairway to allow for more throwing options. Gene seeded 15 tee and removed a dozen stumps from 14/15. Replaced "whale's" eye on 2 and PVC on 8c both vandalized.

4-7 Mike "the axe" began clearing brush for a possible 13c pin. Gene helped him finish.

4-9 Gene started fire in old "black hole" area below the 5a basket to clean up some storm damage. Started second fire near 7's tee. Luke arrived and helped carry brush to fires. Mike W. and Chris came and built 2 fires in 4's creek. They made trails and steps to ease walking in creek. Gene and Luke harvested logs for Chris and Mike's project, while cleaning up the ground. Also pulled down a "widow maker" hanging branch on 6. Began lining top of creek bank with logs.
Mike "the axe" and Gene started fire near 15c. Mike pole pruned over hanging branches along hedge trees, Luke, Mike W. and Chris arrived soon after. Gene and Luke harvested osage logs while Chris and Mike W. terraced 15b's green. Lined another third of OB line with logs. Mike F. cleared a path from 15's fairway to 14's tee. Plans made for future teepad shoring projects. Luke brought a fantastic supper. Stayed 'till well after dark. Denny and Tish planted hostas around 15's tee.

4-17 Mike "the axe" and Gene started fire near 15c. Mike pole pruned over hanging branches along hedge trees, Luke, Mike W. and Chris arrived soon after. Gene and Luke harvested osage logs while Chris and Mike W. terraced 15b's green. Lined another third of OB line with logs. Mike F. cleared a path from 15's fairway to 14's tee. Plans made for future teepad shoring projects. Luke brought a fantastic supper. Stayed 'till well after dark. Denny and Tish planted hostas around 15's tee.

5-7 Jerry arrived and went to 4 to complete a log cutting/splitting project from last week. He then worked on 10, cutting and piling brush and logs. Gene began mowing on 10. Mike "the axe" weilded his custom made weed whip on 10 also. Mike W. ran the Sthil weedwhacker on 10's creek bank. Chris, after picking up grass seed, made more egress stairs on 10, and worked on the creek's flow after the recent rains deposited quicksand. Luke and Gene mowed on 11 and 17.

5-12 Chris ordered replacement basket for 18 and had a fundraising mini. Great job. Mike W polesawed limb in window on 16. Mike and Luke weed whipped the mound near 13's basket and area near 15's green. Gene spread grass seed and dug stumps at various locations. Chris moved logs away fron trails on 4 to facilitate mowing.

5-14 Gene arrived and began mowing on pin side of 4. Luke and Mike W. took mower and trimmer and cleared the rough on right side of 8's fairway. Started fire on 3. Nick Mazarolla fed fire while Gene cut logs in 3 pin area. Chris dug out lots of locust and barberry with rogue hoe, and Nick trimmed "eye pokers" right of 3's fairway. Lined trail leading from 3 to 4 with log that had been in 3's fairway. City mowed earlier.

5-15 Gene backfilled fire.

5-16 Gene extended the log line along 18's creek. Painted and removed stumps on 3/8.

5-21 Gene started a fire near creek below 12b and began cutting fallen logs. "Old man" Mike helped him throw logs on fire. Luke arrived and the crew jacked up the footbridge on 12 and moved it a couple feet toward the tee. The bank had eroded, and bridge was in danger of collapsing. Bobby Miller came and cut up a logjam in the creek. Crew fed fire 'til dark.

5-29 Luke and Gene started a fire below hole 12. Began weed whipping pln side of creek, and clearing fallen branches from ground. Harvested osage stakes and terracing material. Cleared brush from alternate fairway to long pin. Luke started a reluctant fire on tee side of creek. Chris arrived and began making trails and pulling locust trees. Mike W. came and began weed whipping hill below tee. Luke and Gene pulled a giant tree trunk down the hill. Gene cut logs in big brush pile into sections. Alex helped Mike and Luke carry those to the fire. After picking up tools, hot dogs were roasted. Hole 12 transformed!

5-30 Gene backfilled fire.

6-4 Mike "the axe" worked on 15, then gave an assist with weeds on 1. Chris cut brush from creek banks on 1. Gene brought wheelbarrow & cart. Chris and he got trailer load of mulch, and spread it around trees on 1. Gene started fire south of 1's b pin. Luke cut bushes from creek bank and put them on fire. Then helped Gene cut and burn logs and brush. Mike W was weed-whipping all around 1's fairway, making paths into rough. Chris used rogue hoe to remove stickers and improve the paths on 1. Tree on right side of fairway was cut down and removed to open up aditional throwing options.

6-5 Gene backfilled fire, picked up litter, and retrieved rogue hoe. Met Dave Panel and informed him about culvert being washed out by creek on 16.

6-6 City crew unplugged tube on 16 and replaced washed out section of bridge.

6-11 Gene started fire near 6's tee. Alex came and helped feed fire and repair vandalized railing on 4's bridge. Mike "the axe" and Luke helped feed fire. Chris built check dams in creek and weed whipped and lopped brush on 4. Mike W. weed whipped 4 also, and then he and Chris moved up to help w/ fire. A large area was cleared and burgers and pork loins cooked.

6-12 Gene backfilled fire. Chris checked check dams.

6-13 Mike W. and Gene continued puting logs along O.B. line on 15. About 95% complete. Assembled new basket for 18. Pulled out "turtle" stump from 5's fairway and filled hole.

6-14 Mike W. weed whipped hole 7 and tee side of 4.

Michael Whiteside went above and beyond cleaning the blind spot off 4.
6-18 Gene started fire in old burn spot near 15. Began harvesting Osage for project, burning scrap. Mike W arrived and they went to work on remaining gaps in log line. Completed O.B. line on 15. Pulled out a piece of telephone pole that was blocking drainage tube that runs under sledding hill. Creek now flowing freely. Smelly job!

6-22 Chris pole sawed on 9 & 18 on his lunch hour. Spread grass seed on 18's creek bank to control erosion.

6-23 Mike "the axe" started 2 fires near 3c's pin. Gene started 2 small fires off 3's fairway. Alex helped feed fires. Jerry came and helped weed whip between 3 & 8. Fire started near 11 to clean up some storm damage.

6-25 Gene, Mike "the axe", Mike W., Chris, and Luke. Weeds sprayed on 9 &18. Polesawing on 16 & 7. Work on 6c: Weeds whipped, 2 big fires, fairway widened, logs and brush cleared, barberry removed, steps into creek started, chops and burgers grilled. Xyla, Winnie, Patrick, and Gus assisting. Moe missed.

Hole 6c

6-26 Chris weed whipped on 13 & 6. Took some photos. Gene backfilled fire.

6-27 Chris and Gene restored the deleted 2012 Work Log. Chris hand whipped the 18 embankment 9 path to parking lot.

6-28 Gene finished weed whipping 13's right side. Cleared more debris from tube below 12.

6-30 Chris & Moe continued work on check dams in creek by holes 1/18. Gene sprayed weeds & sticker bushes on holes 1,5,6, and 15. Dug some stumps on 6's green.

7-1 Gene sprayed weeds & stickers on 9,10, and 17.

7-2 Mike "the axe" was working on the 12c green and 13 tee area early. Gene sprayed weeds on 16 and ran weed whacker on 4c, then began digging out stumps. He cut down 3 small trees on 4's fairway. Chris did work on 2, polesawed on 9, before arriving on 4. He trimmed burning bush on left side of 4's fairway, opening up a new lane. Mike W. and his dad Fred ran weed whackers all over 4 and helped carry brush. Stumps painted.

7-5 Mike w. out weed whipping on 17 in morning, Gene removing stumps on 8 in evening.

7-6 Gene weed whipped on 5, 6, and 10.

7-7 Gene painted and/or dug out stumps on 14, 15, 4, 10, and 17.

7-9 Gene out in morning to finish marking stumps and begin weed whipping on 12. Monday work night w/ Mike "the axe", Mike W., Luke, Chris, and Gene. Hole 12: weeds whipped, branches polesawed, new "windows" opened, trail re-routed, brush piled up (burn ban in effect), AgLime added around pole, and basket moved to long position.

Looking back down 12c
7-9 City began mowing and emptying trash cans.

7-11 Chris weed whipped and used loppers on 16. Luke & Gene made stairs into creek below 6c. First attempt at steps for them.

6c Ravine access
7-12 Chris & Sam initiated high trail leading to 8c. Filled around 2's teepad.

7-13 Chris raked on 8 and moved 11 to b position. Gene planted and watered flowers, weed whipped behind 2b, and cut and stacked a fallen branch behind 10b.

7-16 Gene purchased PVC material to replace 3 missing/damaged pin protectors. Installed on 4, 8, and 15. Weed whipped 16a. Cut and pre-positioned osage logs for teepad shoring project on 5. Chris and Mike W. began setting logs in place and moving dirt, while Gene harvested more osage at their direction. Gene weed whipped 4a while Mike and Chris finished grading dirt around 5's pad. As quitting time loomed, baskets on 4, 5, and 6 were moved from long to short for Ironman.

5 tee - new tee pad boarder
7-18 Chris moved all remaining baskets to shorts for Ironman. Ground squirrel layout.

7-24 Gene, Mike "the axe", Mike W., Chris: Osage logs harvested, 6's teepad shored up, dirt moved and graded, new seats installed to replace old bench.

New stump seats and cherry/oak reclining bench.
7-31 Gene worked on weeds again along trails from 9 to 10. Mike "the axe" helped him harvest 3 large sections of osage from "Menards", a grove of hedge trees below the dumping area. Used chains and pickup to drag logs to staging area near 12's bridge. Mike W., Chris, and Gene then used "come alongs" and chains to drag large log up steep hill to 12's teepad for landscaping project. Details worked out and materials staged. Lots of hard work done with little tangible result. Project should come together at next work night.

Getting a game plan together.

Michael controlling a 700lb Osage log for landscaping the 12 tee, while Gene cranks on the come-along.

8-6 Mike "the axe" and Mike W. began final positioning of logs around 12's teepad. Gene harvested another osage log to complete job. The Mikes and Mazz completed grading dirt and re-routed the trail approaching teebox. Chris arrived and crew moved to 16's tee area. More osage harvested and staged for next project, 16's tee. Chris and Mazz began planning location for location of 3rd pin location, and improved trails from 16a basket to 17's tee. Gene worked on boxing in the spring on 12 for planting water loving plants. Directional signs added to hole 3 and 9. Tabletops added on 6's tee area. Steps improved near 6c.

8-7 Planted cattails in spring on 12.

8-10 Gene met w/ Dave panel, and got used park bench for hole 12's tee. Got 2 trash cans and put them on holes 2 & 3.

8-11 Gene repaired and relaced boards on OB line, hole 5 that had been vandalized. Put 2 directional signs from hole 5c to 6. took 12s new bench apart for painting. Bought paint and new bolts for bench. Cleaned and began painting it.

8-12 Mike W. and Gene scrounged bench frames from a scrap pile. Purchased boards, hardware and concrete. Installed bench on hole 5. Digging those post holes in the dry, rock hard dirt was a real chore.

8-13 Gene finished painting and assempling bench from Milan Parks. Mike W. and Gene cleared area behind 16's teepad and harvested more osage for terracing project. Mike polesawed windows, and dug out stumps on 16. They evaluated bench options on 12, deciding new bench will go behind 16. Tried unsuccessfully to pull down "widowmaker" from tree behind 17's tee. Mazz came after round for moral support and helped gather and load tools.

8-16 Mike W, Gene, Chris and Sam installed bench on 16.

8-20 Mike "the axe", Mike W, Chris and Gene placed logs around 16's teepad and began filling w/ dirt. Got dirt from mound near 13's basket. Graded top of mound flat, future location for another pin placement. Project will take at least anouthe night to complete. Biggest terracing project to date! Mazz came and helped gather tools and clean up.

New 13 green
8-21 Chris, out at lunch, grading dirt on mound by 13's basket, got stung several times by ground bees.

8-23 Eliminated ground bees.

8-25 Gene "boxed in" bench on #5 using composite parking bumpers, and put some infield gravel around teepad.

8-27 Mike "the axe" out early, moving dirt on 16. Gene, Mike W., and Chris there soon after, positioning logs and grading around teepad. Chris safely worked on trail around mound near 13's basket, with bees gone. A trip to see results of gravel around 5's tee showed a good resistance to the rain. Gravel spread around 16. Mazz, after working on C1, helped clean up and collect tools.

8-31 BURN BAN LIFTED! Gene out @ 10:30 A.M. to start fire on 16. Big brushpile, and fallen mulberry tree providing plenty of fuel. Jerry came between jobs and carried brush from along creek to fire. Raked and burned sticks from around new bench. Ready to seed now. Stayed with fire until safe to leave, 9 P.M.

9-1 Backfilled fire. Very little left except pile of coals.

9-10 Jerry and Gene started fire in logjam blocking creek on hole 1. Gene cut up "Totem" tree that had fallen earlier. Carried scrap and threw into creek. Mike and Mazz came and helped feed fire. Also cut and carried brush and logs from washout on right side of 1. Chris, Sam and Moe came and future projects planned.

Hole 1 - Totem fell.
9-11 Gene backfilled fire and dug logs out of hill next to fire.

9-12 Chris dug a small channel where logjam had been burned. This should allow the creek to wash mud and debris out and allow the creek to reclaim its natural channel.

9-18 Workday moved to Tuesday. Gene and Mike W. started 3 fires on hole 12 to burn brushpiles accumulated during burn ban. Mike raked fairway on left and burned sticks. Osage trees on right were thinned and sone wood harvested for future projects. Mike "the axe" arrived and helped carry more brush to fire. Dragged 2 trees that had fallen near 13's basket, using chain and truck to 12, where they were cut and burned. Chris moved baskets to alternate locations and came to feed fires. Nick H., after playing a round, returned and mucled a bunch of cut wood to fire. Mazz came after league and chops and burgers were enjoyed. Xyla, Patrick, and Winnie all had some chow.

9-19 Gene backfilled fires.

9-25 Chris, Mike "the axe", Mike W. and Gene. Improved drainage in natural spring on 12, and planted rushes and sedge in moist area. Started fire near 16's tee. Moved large oak log above bench for waterbar. Inletted more osage around perimeter. Moved many wheelbarrows of dirt from mound near 13's basket to continue grading 16's teepad. Nick H. donated some used paving stones and they were used to guide players off of front right corner. Buried a log for seat. Talked to Tom, neighbor to east, and witnessed an ace.

9-26 Gene backfilled fire on 16, finished osage perimeter and filled with more dirt from mound. Put aglime on pavers to lock in place. Improved trail into creek area in front of 16. Buried log for bag holder next to bench. Raked ashes from burn areas on 12 and spread grass seed on them and around fairways. Chris took a photo record of improvements on his lunch break.

9-27 Mike W. got some ornamental grass from a landscaping project and planted it around 16's tee. Planted a small evergreen on 16's hillside.

Hole 16 Tee Pad after 4 weeks of work...looking good!
9-28 Gene spread gravel behind 16's tee.

9-29 Mike W. and Gene watered newly planted grass and spread more gravel on 16.

10-2 Chris, Mike W. Gene and Mike "the axe". Started 2 fires on 4. Cut up fallen logs and fed fires. Chris made a web of trails through high side of fairway. Added gravel under bench on 5.

10-9 Gene got fires on 4 going early. Mike "the axe" helped load fires. Mike W. ran bladed brusgcutter around fallen tree below 4's tee and Chris made trails on tee side of 4. Planted 7 dwarf blue spruce trees between 4 & 8. Rain didn't dampen spirits and hot dogs roasted.

10-10 Gene backfilled fires, and Chris directed some log cutting on his lunch hour.

Gene back-filling and cleaning up after the Monday work night.
10-12 Gene graded and seeded the mound near 13's basket. Raked and seeded burn spot on 4. Planted 5 spruce seedlings. Fertilized and pruned burning bushes on 5.

10-16 Gene started fire near 16's basket. Mike "the axe" cut a trail up from creek and helped feed the fire. Chris made trails to increase access for new basket location. Chopped out a bunch of multiflora rose bushes. Denny, Tish and Baby came through late and kept us company.

10-17 Gene rebuilt fire early, Mike W. backfilled later.

10-20 Gene seeded trails on 4, burn spot on 6 and trails on 16. Dug stumps.

10-23 Gene started fire near creek on hole 8. Mike "the axe" helped Gene clear fallen sticks and logs to fire. Chris began cutting trails and removing thorn bushes on cleared hillside. Mike W. began transplanting burning bushes. He and Chris and Caleb kept fire going while Gene and "the axe" planted spruce trees and daffodills between 3 and 8. Made future plans about alternate pins on several holes.

10-27 Chris worked on check dams in creek on hole 1. Gene clipped bushes near future 2c basket, scoped out fallen tree on 4.

10-29 Workday back to Monday. Mike W out at noon pole pruning on 4 & 5. Gene arrived before 1. We tackled a dangerous situation on 4. A large dead tree broke loose from the eroded creek bank and got hung up in another tree. We had to cut the tree, and use chains, come alongs and the truck to pull it so it would fall. It took from early afternoon until dark to get it on the ground. Mike built a fire in creek near 4's bridge. Gene, using truck headlights for light, cut up tree. We both threw branches on fire. All that is left is the large trunk on the ground. Will try to utilize that to shore up walking paths in creek.

10-31 Mike W backfilled fire.

11-1 Mike W. needed some more exercise and called an extra work day on hole 4. Gene began cutting logs while Mike started 2 fires. Some pieces so large they had to be split before burning. Chris stopped at lunch to observe. Cleared area betweem 4 & 7. Mike transplanted burning bushes, Gene cut new trail. One piece of log rolled down the hill like an "Indiana Jones" stunt. Mike dug out large stump near bridge. Grass seed spread. RIBEYES!

11-5 Chris graded mound near 13 on his lunch hour. Gene re-seed mound. Gene started fire near 4's tee. Cleaned up a few logs in area. Grilled brats and baked potatoes. Gene, Mike W., Mike "the axe" and Chris enjoyed fire and food.

11-7 Mike W. and Gene took the trunk sections from tree cut down on 10-29 and made an exit ramp out of 4's creek. Used chains, straps and come-alongs to move logs.

11-8 Chris carried ag-lime to hole 9c and raked the green in preparation for the Iron Lion Triples.

11-9 Chris finished final grading for the new 13 position on the mound.

13a Green under construction
11-12 Gene started fire in same spot as last week, near 4's tee. Cut logs and branches w/ chainsaw. Mike "the axe" began helping feed fire. Mike W. and Chris came and helped out. Brats were exceptionally good. Gene dug out another 20+ stumps.

11-13 Mike W back filled fire. Almost nothing left to back fill. Gene and Chris are lame.

11-16 Gene dug out 3 stumps behind 9's green. Pulled sticker bushes and locust right side of 8.

11-19 Gene got 2 fires started on the right side of 8, short. Jerry helped feed fires between jobs. Mike "the axe", Mike W., and Chris came and got another fire started behind 10. Had brats and stuffed mushroom caps.

11-21 All day work party. Goal: to disassemble and burn huge logjam just downstream from hole 6's long basket, and clear brush and logs from immediate area. Accomplished. Goal: To have an exceptional day of fun, good food and good friends. (and dogs) Accomplished. Chris, Mike W. Gene, Patrick and Xyla. Breakfast burittos, catfish, ribs, apple pie and assorted cold beverages. MMMMM!

Before the Work Party

Hole 16 - After a daylong party
11-22 Fires backfilled. Seeded mound, 7& 8. Trash picked up.

Aftermath of the Work Party
11-24 Trimmed and cleared in front of 13 pad. Can now throw from anywhere on 13 pad. Fire in gully.

12-04 Gene got fire started on 9, while Mike "the axe" started fire on 12. Gene cut up tree that had fallen across 9's fairway. "The axe" came to 9 and started another fire in washout behind 9's tee. Gene cut logs and Mike fed the fires. Mike W. and Chris came as darkness fell and Chris began a new trail from bridge to 9's tee. Gene and Mike checked more storm damage on 6, then disposed of abandoned deer carcass on pyre. Casey's pizza!

Gene backfilled fires and raked area. Chris continued work on new trail.

12-05 All day work day on 6 cleaning up storm damage. Nick Snelling, Mike Eshelman, Patrick and myself. 3 fires. First in between 5/6, pin high to 5c. Second between the service trail and 6b. Third halfway down the hill to 6c, left side. Removed stumps and eye pokers. Made a root ball planter. Cut down the arch over the service trail. Fell three directions before hitting the ground. Sketchy... Gene and Fred Whiteside showed up late for a little more cutting and stumping. Patrick and Xyla took care of mouse infestation in fallen arch. Brats consumed, high life lived. Not too shabby for my first chain saw day.

12-06 Back filled fires on 6.

Gene - Controlled leaf burn, west side, hole 8.

12-8 Gene planted 8 evergreen trees along 8's fairway and dug out stumps, same area.

12-10 Gene started 3 fires on hole 10, including 1 in big logjam in creek. Mike "the axe" started a forth fire. Gene cut logs as Mike fed fires. Mike W and Chris came as darkness fell, and carried already cut logs to fires. Non-disc golfing visitor from Minneapolis and his cousin pitched in and helped feed the fires. Brats cooked.

12-11 Gene planted pine trees on 5 and 6. Got trash cans for 6 and 16, and a lid for 18's. Chris continued work on the trail from bridge to 9's tee, and around 18c's green.

12-12 Chris worked on 18a/b trail to parking lot.

12-13 Chris continued trail work on bridge to parking lot.

12-14 Chris re-evaluated the pin location for 18b, and provided a new sleeve. The original in-ground sleeve was ruined when the basket was stolen. Gene dug the hole and poured the concrete, leveling in the new sleeve.

12-15 Gene dug new channel in creek by hole 10, re-routing the creek through area where logjam had been burned. Did similar work near 4's bridge.

12-17 Gene started 2 fires near 10b and burned brush and logs. Planted a tree behind 17b.

12-18 Gene backfilled fires and planted a spruce tree behind 1c.

12-19 Work done today or unreported. Mike W cleaned up storm damage between 3/8. Chris and Mike W. worked on tee signs (many hrs.). Gene and Mike W. rebuilt fire on 10.
Chris moved 18 to b. Gene dug out stumps.

12-22 Gene shoveied teepads. Chris working on signs.

12-23 Big Frank shoveled path from 9 to 10.

12-28 Gayla Mattecheck, Gene's sister purchased 3 potted spruce to use as live Christmas trees. Once the holiday passed, she donated them to be used on Camden two. A special thanks to her. Gene planted them today.
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Postby Sprague » Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:56 pm

Thanks again everyone! Another fun year!

No words necessary...Gene, Michael, and Mike the Axe are great people and I enjoyed every minute of it - great game fellas.

We often think about the other courses we've played and the work they've put in, it's inspiring. The Wildcat Bluff Crew in Urbana, IA always comes to mind, we feed off the huge strides they make every year. Mike the Axe even drove 2hrs to help the Wildcat guys after their storms, we love this stuff. The Iowa City Crew visited C2 on the famous 23 people, 23 fires, and 2 to 3 dogs night...I like seeing the energy spread.

Thanks everyone for taking the steps...

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Postby Budhyzer 17696 » Tue Jan 08, 2013 10:23 am

Sprague wrote:I like seeing the energy spread.

^ this ^

I couldn't agree with you more Chris, it feels good to see so much work going into the courses....groups taking charge and making their local courses much improved.
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Postby AO » Mon Jan 14, 2013 2:57 pm

Budhyzer 17696 wrote:
Sprague wrote:I like seeing the energy spread.

^ this ^

I couldn't agree with you more Chris, it feels good to see so much work going into the courses....groups taking charge and making their local courses much improved.

Couldn't agree more. We've got some of this going on in the Cedar Rapids/IC area. Shaver and The Penn have made solid progress in the past year or so. Lot's of people willing to help out and donate their time.
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