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Make Time

Postby Conrad 37988 » Sun May 18, 2008 11:16 pm

Finnaly got a round to playing this course, and it took me and two friends two and a half hours to play 18 holes. I recomend wearing shoes that you don't care if they get wet because it is very likely that you are going in the drink. I would also advise on pants, because of the itchweed and ivy. You will be doing a lot of hiking. Wingnut makes a disc golf bag called the Nutsac it holds up to 6 discs, and I'd recomend you get one of these and not take your bag that carries more discs. I loved how wooded some holes are and others are wide open with a lot of mature trees. There are holes that you have to play accross water. One hole you had to cross the water twice. Hole 3 is amazing the pin is straight accross a deep slope that goes almost straight down then up again. Some of the holes did not have signs. Either someone stole them or they have not been put up yet. Make sure you have someone with you to help spot where your discs go. Also make sure you have time to dedicate to this course, it will take a while to play. This is deffintaly a course worth the drive and your time.
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