4/27 weekend outlook

4/27 weekend outlook

Postby mattmelcher » Fri Apr 27, 2007 1:11 pm

Here's the deal...We got about 3 inches of rain in the last few days, which is a lot less than some other places. I just got in from playing the course and it sure is squishy out there.

Some suggestions:
The banks of the creek are slippery, be careful!
Wear some shoes you don't mind getting wet..
1, 2 and 3 are fine.
4 - Play the short tee. Theres a lot of standing water that you can't see. If you play from the long tee you'll end up walking through it.
5 - There's a lot of water going through the creek right now, just be aware of it.
6 is okay, just some very wet ground.
7 is okay, watch out around the creek
8 - whatever you do, DO NOT go in the creek around the basket. It's a mess.
9 and 10 have spongy ground in the fairways but no real issues.
11 - I suggest you skip 11 altogether. There is a lot of standing water all around the basket, easily ankle deep. You will get wet if you make a putt.
12 is fine, just some wet ground. It's worse by the creek, but if you're playing from that area you had a real bad tee shot...come to think of it...

I figure by Sunday only a few places will be bad, but I think it's gonna take several days for 11 to dry up.
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