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Postby Buzzzed85 » Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:52 pm

Let's be honest, we've all done dumb things. I did and am selling some plastic to pay for the mistakes.

1-5= Beat in, used plastic with Ink and/or scuffs
6-7= Slight wear and tear.
8-9= Thrown very little. Little to no scuffs. No ink.
10= Never thrown.

1st Run ESP Nuke; 167 grams; pink. Rating 10. $15
1st Run ESP Nuke; 169 grams; purple. Rating 10. $15
Limited Edition Sparkle Buzzz; 171 grams; Rating 10. $40
Echo Star Mako; 180 grams; Orange; Rating 9 (small sticker residue on top and thrown <10 times); $12
Nate Doss 2x ESP Surge; 170 grams; Blue; Rating 9. Very small scuff on outer rim. $12
Millenium First Run Sirius JLS; 162 grams; Orange; Rating 8. (small rim scuffs and Sticker residue on bottom) $10
"Disc Golf Palooza" Force; 174 grams; Lime Green; Rating 8. (some scuffs on outer rim). $10
Champion (HWY 69) Glow Destroyer with Grateful Dead Dye (done by Ames local R.D. Roberts); 175 grams; Glow; Rating 8 (throw 10-15 times) $20
1st Run Z Nuke; 173 grams; Fluorescent Pink; Rating 8 (Thrown for 36 holes in total, Slight scuffs, slight wear on stamp) $12
10x KC pro Gazelle; 170 grams; Yellow; Rating 3 (lots of wear and tear. Obviously has had some good use out of it but still a collector's item!) Will take best offer through PM. (just to make it fair :)
1st Run Skeeter; Weight unknown; Yellow; Rating 3 ( Lots of wear and tear. Thrown quite a bit.)

Not Sure how to put pictures up here yet but if you're interested i do have pictures of all of these discs that i can email to you. Thanks for your help guys.


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