Annual Bushwhacker workday 5-23

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Annual Bushwhacker workday 5-23

Postby Beerman » Wed May 15, 2013 12:05 pm

First, thank you to the powers that be (rules committee) for changing the schedule to allow for this to take place. With my current work schedule and the late arrival of spring I have been very busy trying to get the courses ready for the challenge and this extra day is a huge help.

Now the bad news..... we will not be weedwhacking at big creek this year, I know this will dissapoint a lot of you but wth the late spring its not too bad out there.

I have scheduled 3 loads of mulch to be delivered to Walnut Ridge to cover all of the walkways/paths including a refresh of hole 15's green. They will be droping 1 load of mulch to each shelter locaion so we should be able to get 3 teams going at the same time if we can get 2 trucks to use, mine will be there.

For those of you that will miss weedwhacking.....we will need a few people (2-3) to weedwhack all of the tees/trees/baskets

Besides the trucks, please bring weedwhacker / pitch fork / and rakes if you have them.

Of course, to keep everyone hydrated I will provide a case of beer to the cause might even splurge for some premium this year.
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