DSM Disc Golf Lost Non-Profit Status

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DSM Disc Golf Lost Non-Profit Status

Postby BeckyZ » Sat Jun 18, 2011 9:15 am

Well, today's headline for our local newspaper (desmoinesregister.com) state 3000 nonprofits in Iowa lose tax-exempt status - because of failure to file federal tax returns the last three years. The club is listed in the on-line database.

Under the leadership of former Club President Chris Greenleaf from 2009-2010 - the DSM disc golf club lost it's status. Kiesling and Associates (CPA firm) had Power of Attorney for the club and received all the federal and state mail for the tax forms. Did the club not answer the phone when they called?

You have no idea how incredibly challenging it was to obtain non-profit status - after we were first incorporated - I filed three times to become a 501(3)c for our club file and wasn't awarded until the 3rd time. This only happened after getting letters of support from city, county, and federal entities where we had donated materials, labor, disc golf baskets, and landscaping.

I helped many clubs all over the U.S. from 2005-2007 answering questions as how to obtain non-profit status and sending them documentation for how to complete the forms. I am so embarrased that we don't have it any more and most likely we will never get it back.

What a mess! Someone please needs to clean up the front page of the DSM Club website and remove all info regarding non-profit status. I am so very, very disappointed and sad. All that hard work I did was for nothing. Becky Z.
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