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Postby puppetmaster » Mon Apr 23, 2007 6:54 pm

I'd love to encourage some of you to use violence to curtail this problem

You take Norwalk, I'll take your park :shock:
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Postby mattmelcher » Mon Apr 23, 2007 9:39 pm

actifed wrote:I know %99 of you reading this aren't responsible for the vandalism and litter. But for the newer folks around here, please be aware that we've lost courses for issues like this. In fact disc golfers help to reduce these problems in general, but it's too easy to scapegoat us. All I'm saying is try to be responsible and spread the word that this crap can't keep going on without repercussions. Otherwise I can easily see one of our courses (Ewing specifically) going the way of Margo Frankel. All it would take is one Lilac enthusiast with too much free time.

Exactly - That person watching you may be a parks and rec person or someone with a bug up their ass. Their judgement of the entire DG community may be determined by whether you are picking up a can or dropping one.

The litterers and vandals are the issues we are trying to fight in Norwalk. I feel we are making progress. When I talk with my neighbors they are commenting about all the people in the park and how great it is to see. I'm sure Gary, Jason and Jeremy have experienced the same thing. My neighbors see the disc golfers as a positive thing. I'd hate to see that goodwill wasted because someone decided to hang out in the parking lot and have a few cold ones. That's why i wanted to give you all a heads up regarding our park. Thanks
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