Practice area is being changed into a bike trail

Practice area is being changed into a bike trail

Postby prodiscgolf » Tue Jun 12, 2012 5:36 pm

Not to alarm anyone, but rather just to report what's going on: The Army Corp is in the process of making a bike trail that will go from the parking lot by the shelter, behind the restroom, through part of the practice putting area, and up along the tree line to presumably the top of the area. They've already dug up two pins that I know of, and have made some huge tree piles that apparently they will burn. Kevin knew about this, and said that the practice area will expand across the inlet/valley when they are done. The great news is that they didn't choose the easier side of the road to make the bike trail and we didn't lose holes 17 or 18.

I didn't know the road was busy enough to warrant a bike trail separate from the road. I'm sure it will be nice.
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