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Texas Teams!

Postby Clue » Tue Sep 17, 2013 1:29 am

I highly recommend this and am interested in going myself. For those that think Texas is a ridiculous drive, this area is actually just under a 10 hr drive. Here's the email I received:

Hi Everyone!

We are contacting you for the first ever National invitation to Texas Teams Disc Golf Tournament to be held Nov 23-24, 2013. Please forward this information to as many players in your state so that they can have this information and see if they want to send a team to participate. IT IS OPEN FOR EVERYONE TO ENJOY! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A PDGA MEMBER TO PLAY!

TTC 13 is HERE! It's our 14th annual event as it was started in the year 2000 by John Houck, Disc Golf Hall of Famer & Premier Course Designer for the “LOVE OF DISC GOLF”. This event is about sharing a weekend of friendly competition and enjoying the company of disc golfers from Texas and now from around the country!

It has become the largest Team event in the world with a record 456 players. This year, you will have a chance to play on the #1 & #2 ranked courses in the world at Selah Ranch and John’s 2 latest courses being designed at the Trey Texas Ranch near Selah Ranch, Mt. Vernon, Texas.

You can camp at Selah Ranch or Trey Texas Ranch or book a hotel/houses/cabins. Email us for information.



4 Premier Championship John Houck Courses

2 Private Campgrounds or discounts on hotels, if you prefer that. Selah Ranch has rooms as well.

A “quiet” camp at Selah Ranch (book directly with Selah) or Camp at Trey Texas Ranch, Home of the latest 2 new courses (pay with your registration)

The first 10 Established teams and the first 10 Merged Teams to fully register will get a SPECIAL free towel for each team member that they will pick up at check in with their shirts. It’s not just any towel…it’s a special TTC 2013 towel with a custom logo commemorating the first year Texas Teams became a National event. A Limited number of extra towels will be available for sale for $10

Each player will receive a TTC13 Full color custom stamped disc, a custom design sweatshirt and a custom mini. In addition, greens fees to both courses is included in the price. Friday, you can play Selah and Trey Texas courses for free. On Friday night is a BIG bonfire at the Trey Texas Ranch, a party, and games with lot’s of prizes to be given away. This is free for all players. As usual we will have lot’s a little extras for you…music, cookies, etc. Some of you may want to come early as you do each year. We will keep communicating details with you as registrations are sent in.

We are expecting some teams from other states this year. We are not sure how many as it is our first year and we would still encourage everyone to register early to ensure your spot. There will be two winners. A Texas winner and a Non-Texas winner. John is still developing the playoff between the two…but it will be something special and fun! We are still working on details of what we will offer to over-all winner! Something different this year! Remember, you do NOT need to be a PDGA member for this event. It’s a non-sanctioned event for FUN! We are in our 14th Year! Last year we had 3 courses and about 350 players. This year we think we will have about 500 plus players! It’s a great get-together and a chance to camp together and socialize with players from all over Texas and now from around the country!

The new Texas Twist course and Trey Domino courses are under development and will be debuted at this event. This year there are 2 types of camping...quiet camping at Selah or regular hootin' and hollern' at Trey Texas Ranch. We will have wristbands for campers. Tickets for the party and the raffle. Please make sure you indicate if you are camping or attending the party so we get the right amount of food for Friday night.

We do want to let you know though...the owners are fine with alcohol and tobbacco...but that said, you know the rest…the owners don't want any incidences, drugs, or their ranch trashed. Same stuff as every year. Just plain common sense. No Fireworks. If no burn ban, campfires are fine. We’ll keep you posted. There are lots of hotels and we have information posted on our website on a link: http://www.circularproductions.com/texa ... event.html

If you are planning on driving, get a designated driver if you are going to drink. While we are attempting to arrange buses in between the courses, we are not sure if we can get them...still working on lots of details and will keep you posted. The earlier you register, the better it helps us plan.

As every year, there is a party, FRIDAY night and check in starts on Friday that includes food, beer and soft drinks. At the party, there will be a TEXAS SIZE Bon Fire, Games, Ring of Fire, and many prizes given away by free drawings. Some special John Houck memorabilia from Circle R Ranch will be included this year. We are getting some beer donated to serve to those over 21 by ticket (free, 1 or possibly 2 per player) you will receive at check-in. Campers will have wrist bands. Throughout the weekend, expect to play on some amazing courses. Friday is practice day and greens fees at Selah and Trey Texas are free for players. This is a fun format and we invite you to come enjoy an event as part of your disc golf destination vacation at the #1 & #2 courses in the world!

Dynamic Discs is providing much manpower for this event as our partner. They will have a van at each location. There will be food vendors at both places and thinking about doing a western cowboy type dinner on Friday...Still working on it!

Regarding the form, please fill it out completely and send it in. This year you have choices on camp grounds. If you want to camp at Selah, please contact them directly. We are only collecting money for the Trey Texas Ranch. Please fill out all the info. We need to know how many room nights were sold where...in Mt. Vernon or outside Mt. Vernon. That is why we are asking. This information will help us with future events to arrange more support from the business community locally for them.

I have not made the sponsorship packages yet but if anyone know any businesses who may want to sponsor, please have them email us.

We have taken out an ad in the "Disc Golfer" magazine which should be out in a few days and know there are teams coming from around the country to participate as well.

Email us with questions. We prefer if you mail checks to us. If you want to pay by CC, do not write it in an email or on the form. Call us at 512-970-9001. EMAIL ADDRESS for applications or questions: Contact@CircularProductions.com

THANK YOU ALL and we look forward to seeing you!!!! Application is attached. Fill it out and email it back. If you have any questions or need help with something. Email us!!

Registration will close Oct, 25, 2013 as we will need to place the shirt and disc orders by then. It's first come first serve and we may sell out sooner.

We are here to make this easy and fun for you but it takes a lot of work to organize it so we appreciate your help getting us the info requested. If for some reason, you need to wait to get us all the info, email us and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate you.

It’s going to be the most FUN Texas Teams and hope you all are there to enjoy it!


Dee & John Houck

Texas Teams FACEBOOK PAGE with INFO: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Texas-Te ... 5995901371

Send us an email ASAP if you are planning on bringing a team!
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Re: Texas Teams!

Postby laubdog93 » Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:54 am

hmmmmmm.....sounds interesting
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