Mid America Open, Columbia, Missouri--July 10-11th

Tournaments in the rest of the non Iowa world

Postby SARG27044 » Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:06 pm

bman12449 wrote:
johnemus wrote:Iowa disc golfers kicked ass this weekend. Allison Cremer took down open women, tom cremer took grandmasters, Sarg took the advanced field by 4 (great weekend SARG!!) and Ernie easily handled the Open Masters field by 7 strokes! Great job Iowa Golfers!
Btw Missouri the big 12 is a joke.

Much better.. 8)
:lol: Wore my Hawkeye shirt to the bar, the bartender told me to make sure we kick Nebraska's ass.

This tournament was a good time. Fun town, and great laid back people. Ill be back next year for sure. Hopefully to take the crown from George... :lol:

That Innova DISCatcher is pretty sweet. Now I can make 10ft putts from my couch :lol: Glad we barely fit it in the car on the way home
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