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This site is dedicated toward becoming the best resource for Iowa Disc Golfers. There will be a complete listings of Iowa Courses, Iowa Club listings,  Iowa Tournaments, and a listing of all Iowa leagues.
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For all the Iowa Disc Golf Clubs out there we are setting up private discussion sections in the forums. Each club will have one member who is made moderator of that clubs board. Whenever someone wishes to join that clubs forum they can request to join and it is up to that particular clubs moderator to decide if they should be allowed to join. This way it will give all the clubs outthere a place to discuss there private business. If your club isn't listed or set up with a moderator yet please Private Message Bradbalk or MDR_3000 on the forums and we will take care of it.

Beleive it or not we are working towards a major site upgrade, we are hoping to put more control into the hands of the forum memebers making it possible for our great disc golf community to add and update content and information quickly and easily.  We will keep you updated as we progress, the Management.