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Name: Jon “Karma" Scott

PDGA#: 27895

Main throwing style: right hand back hand

Location: Beautiful Quad Cities

Current Level of play: High level intermediate

Years playing: 3 1/2

Favorite disc: Star Wraith

Top five courses
1. Middle Park (longs)
2. Hickory Hills Park
3. West Lake Park
4. Devils glen (longs)
5. Senic dr @ Rodeo Park

In my bag
1 175g star beast
1 171g star sidewinder
1 175g star sidewinder
1 171g star leopard
1 173g star leopard
1 174g pro line monster
1 175g pro line monster
1 171g star wraith
1 173g star wraith
1 175g star wraith
1 171g star gator
1 180g star coyote
1 175g z wasp
2 175g 11x kc pro avairs

If you’re playing on a foreign course and you see trash pick it up. I personally do so. If you find a disc with a name and number on it call the number and return it makes for great karma. Believe me I know.

Favorite golf story:
my favorite story is when I was a new golfer and I was playing out at Camden and a friend of mine and I were jacking around as I was driving on 18 and he hit me in the nuts with a stick as I threw and I aced for the first time it was so awesome.